sustainable materials definitions - Zoe-s-wiki

Embedded energy
Sustainable design
customers with services that meet
their needs without depleting as
many resources.
5. Any material or energy that can be
Renewable resources
Waste minimisation
life cycle analysis
Cradle –to-cradle
replenished in full without loss or
degradation in quality.
6. Often, the most sustainable option is
to reuse materials and objects
already manufactured, either for their
original or new purposes, rather than
recycle them into other products.
This decreases further energy and
materials use in recreating them into
a new form.
7. One of the most sustainable
strategies is simply to reduce the
amount of energy and materials we
use and, thus, are required to be
manufactured. This reduction has an
exponential effect as it further
reduces packaging, recycling,
transportation, cleaning, disposal,
and a host of other costs.
8. Recycling is the process of reclaiming
materials from used products or
materials from their manufacturing
and using them in the manufacturing
of new products.
1. concerned with the evaluation of
human actions - which attempts to
understand the nature of morality
and to define that which is right from
that which is wrong
2. In sustainable business, a systems
perspective requires addressing
untraditional economic effects (such
as lost energy though waste, lifecycle
analysis of materials, toxicity of
materials, and subsidies) as well as
social and environmental effects in
order to assess actually efficiency.
3. a company taking responsibility for
the disposal of goods it has
produced, but not necessarily putting
products’ constituent components
back into service.
4. An individual or household that
purchases and uses products and
services. In sustainable management
there is a trend to rethink the notion
of a consumer who "uses things up"
and, instead, strive to serve
9. The process of developing products,
services, and organizations that
comply with the principles of
economic, social, and ecological
10. The process of reducing waste
material and energy in
manufacturing, use, and disposal
11. The energy used to get material to the
factory door
12. An examination, like an audit, of the
total impact of a product or service’s
manufacturing, use, and disposal in
terms of material and energy.
13. judgments of sentiment and taste
14. to create production techniques that
are not just efficient but are
essentially waste free. In cradle to
cradle production all material inputs
and outputs are seen either as
technical or biological nutrients.
Technical nutrients can be recycled or
reused with no loss of quality and
biological nutrients composted or