John Smith`s Map

American History
Mr. D’Ambrosio
John Smith’s Map
Directions: Use an iPad or a computer to examine the map created by John Smith. You
can find the map at: Answer the questions that follow in complete
sentences. Be sure to use proper capitalization and punctuation!
1. John Smith created a very detailed map of Virginia. What sort of details does he
seem to emphasize?
2. What things are located in the center of the map? What does this tell you?
3. Find the map key (legend). What symbols are identified? Draw them below:
4. Do you notice anything unusual about the layout of the map?
Hint: Look for the compass rose.
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5. List at least 5 native tribes that have a “King’s House” next to their location.
What does this tell you about these particular tribes?
6. What drawings does John Smith include on this map? Describe them.
7. What do Smith’s drawings tell us about what he felt was important?
8. John Smith made this map for the London Company. Does the map tell us what
was important to this wealthy group of investors?
John Smith’s Map of Virginia – 1612
For more information about the English Colonies visit: Twitter: @eteaching101