Name_____________________________ U.S. History 1850 to the

U.S. History 1850 to the Present Ch. 5 HW. 2
1. ____ Who was the president for America’s first overseas expansion? (A) William McKinley (B)
Theodore Roosevelt (C) William Taft (D) none of the above
2. ____ Which president urged the 16th amendment to collect an income tax? (A) William McKinley
(B) Theodore Roosevelt (C) William Taft (D) none of the above
3. ____ Which president began anti-business actions with anti-trust suits? (A) William McKinley (B)
Theodore Roosevelt (C) William Taft (D) none of the above
4. ____ How was Theodore Roosevelt involved in the Spanish-American War? (A) won at Manila
Bay (B) pushed for annexing Hawaii (C) led the Rough Riders (D) led the navy (E) all (F) none
5. ____ Secretary of State John Hay was responsible for the (A) Spanish-American War (B) Open
Door Policy in China (C) annexation of Hawaii (D) war in the Philippines (E) all (F) none
6. ____ Who swayed public opinion against Spain in favor of war? (A) the Cubans (B) Dewey and
TR (C) McKinley and Hanna (D) Hearst and Pulitzer (E) all (F) none
7. ____ Writers who thrived on exposing scandal in the Progressive Era…(A) yellow journalists (B)
muckrakers (C) anti-imperialists (D) insurgents (E) all (F) none
8. ____ A negative aspect that became part of the Progressive Era, believed by Steffens, Sinclair,
du Bois, and others…(A) violence (B) imperialism (C) segregation (D) socialism (E) all (F) none
9. ____ What was combined with the impulse to reform that led people to believe that everything
had a solution? (A) religion (B) imperialism (C) science (D) efficiency (E) all (F) none
10. Who set up Tuskegee Institute to teach blacks – education could help? ____________________
11. ____ TR’s Square Deal slogan came from (A) winning Northern Securities suit (B) leading Rough
Riders (C) conservation efforts (D) brokering deal in the 1902 Coal Strike (E) all (F) none
12. TR went after businesses and got the nickname ____________________
13. Who did TR put in charge of the Forestry Service? _______________________
14. ____ (from Web Quest): The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was meant to control business profits and
growth. What was the unintended consequence? (A) drove businesses away (B) unemployment
went up (C) businesses became even bigger through vertical combination (D) no change
15. Evaluate McKinley: _____________________________________________________________
16. Evaluate TR: __________________________________________________________________
17. Evaluate Taft: __________________________________________________________________
18. How did America become a world power? ___________________________________________
19. How did the view of the Founding Fathers differ from Progressives in terms of self-reliance vs.
gov’t reliance? _________________________________________________________________
20. Explain “Speak softly and carry a big stick:” __________________________________________
21. How does the FDA impact you? ___________________________________________________
22. Give your opinion on drilling for oil in ANWR: _________________________________________
23. How did the role of government get bigger under TR and Taft?
24. (from Web Quest): Progressives portray business as evil (“robber barons”). How did most
captains of industry show they weren’t greedy and ruthless as portrayed by Progressives (then
and now)? ____________________________________________________________________