Music Emotion

Health - Ryan 2012
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Music & Emotion
Directions: Over the last few weeks we have discussed quite a few different topics regarding Mental
Health. One of those topics was Emotion. Emotion's are strong feelings that we have the ability to
associate with many different things: people, places, and even music.
I want you to pick one song that you have a strong connection with. A song that makes you feel
something. I want you to include a YouTube link of that song and write a 1-2 paragraph response on why
that song has such an impact on you.
The song choice MUST be appropriate, as well as the video that you use from YouTube. An automatic
zero will be assigned to those that do not follow these specific directions. This is meant to be a fun
assignment, so please be creative and keep things appropriate for school. Once completed you must resubmit the assignment on Edmodo.
YouTube Link: