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Added Features in F.O.C.U.S.
 Benecke-Kaliko offers the additional benefit of optimized products and service solutions
with “Enhance and F.O.C.U.S.”
 Customer-specific solutions create unique features
 More efficient and effective production processes
Hanover, April 2015. Benecke-Kaliko established the “Enhance and F.O.C.U.S.” program to offer
customers the extra benefit of optimized product and service solutions.
The guiding principle of “The value of better interiors” is to create high-quality, contemporary
interior solutions whose functionality and ambiance enhance every vehicle. Each of the high-quality
products from Benecke-Kaliko can be endowed with additional qualities on request, thereby
creating a genuine added value for the customers. The additional functions offer them the
opportunity to stand out from their competitors, strengthen their appeal as suppliers and increase
customer satisfaction.
“The ‘Enhance and F.O.C.U.S.’ program is a kind of toolbox for both product and service solutions
to produce optimized, soft-touch interior surfaces which specifically appeal to customers’ emotions,
underline the core of an automotive marque, strengthen its competitiveness and promote
environmental sustainability,” declares Dominik Beckman, Global Head of Marketing at BeneckeKaliko. F.O.C.U.S. stands for Feature Optimized Customer Unique Solutions. These refer to
specific solutions which offer customers the greatest possible additional benefit that will enable
them to best meet the desires and needs of the respective targeted car buyer market segment.
The Benecke-Kaliko enhancements will also help the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to
meet particular national regulations – such as those pertaining to air quality in the passenger
compartment in China. This ensures exemplary compliance by vehicle manufacturers with their
social responsibility.
As soon as the necessary or desired enhancements are identified, the OEM customers also have
the opportunity to make use of the benefits of Benecke-Kaliko’s F.O.C.U.S. portfolio. These added
features express individuality, personality, lifestyle and values.
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-2Both the product enhancements and the F.O.C.U.S. portfolio help in increasing efficiency and
effectiveness in the production processes of the tier 1 suppliers and OEMs. The Protect
enhancement, for instance, offers high scratch resistance and enables wastage as a result of
damage during the handling, processing or fitting of the material to the component to be reduced.
Another example for F.O.C.U.S. is a material for glue-less processing on the component which
saves the tier 1 supplier a work stage and, in addition, improves the feel, and therefore also
impresses the car buyer. The Surfvis 3D service solution, which saves time, effort and costs during
product development, is also a F.O.C.U.S. feature.
“Our ‘Enhance and F.O.C.U.S.’ concept helps both our direct customers and the vehicle
manufacturers – and, in turn, their customers, the purchasers of their vehicles worldwide,” says
Beckman, summing up the benefits.
Creative options
The optimized products now consistently include the additional designations Go!, Eco, Light,
Protect, Lux and Hylite at Benecke-Kaliko. The cost-optimized option Go! is an entry-level product
in the product families. It also offers what it takes to boost the presence of Benecke-Kaliko’s highly
developed premium surfaces on growth markets outside of Europe. And the materials provide lowend models a means of standing out in the crowd with high-quality interior materials.
Products with the Eco suffix are optimized in terms of environment-friendliness and environmental
compatibility. This product family features extremely low emissions, low smell, renewable raw
materials and contact allergen-free solutions. Light products such as Yorn Light, on the other hand,
are extremely lightweight. Protect stands for scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, extra durable with
superior cleanability. And, finally, the Lux category brings together materials with a particularly
premium comfort feel and outstanding performance. The Hylite category also includes a wide
range of possible enhancements, including translucent, luminescent and electrically conductive
materials and materials with a metallic look. Benecke-Kaliko’s heatable seat materials are one
such example.
F.O.C.U.S. represents new, creative options for vehicle interiors. These include bi-tone materials,
digital printing as the ultimate means to achieving individualization, and gradient surface
technology for fascinating color effects. Micro-perforation offers the benefits of standard perforation
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Antje Lewe, Phone: +49 511 938-1304
-3in a luxury finish, providing a way of differentiating by means of design and enabling a seatcooling/ventilation function. This category also includes new product development services that
utilize Benecke-Kaliko’s exclusive Surfvis 3D simulation technology.
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Visual branding keeps optimization in the forefront of product selection and concisely
communicates the enhanced value of the respective solutions.
Photo: ContiTech
Continental develops intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods. As a reliable partner,
the international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer, and industrial partner offers sustainable, safe,
comfortable, customized, and affordable solutions. In 2014, the corporation generated preliminary sales of
approximately €34.5 billion with its five divisions, Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tire, and ContiTech.
Continental currently employs approximately 200,000 people in 53 countries.
The ContiTech division is one of the world's leading suppliers of technical elastomer products and is a
specialist in plastics technology. It develops and produces functional parts, components, and systems for
machine and plant engineering, mining, the automotive industry, and other important industries. Together
with U.S. company Veyance Technologies Inc., which was acquired at the beginning of 2015, ContiTech
generated sales of approximately €5.4 billion (pro forma basis) in 2014 and currently employs approximately
41,000 people in 34 countries worldwide.
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