Homecoming Procedures

Homecoming Meeting
1. Make sure your club is recognized Student Council
a. You must turn in your constitution to Student Council
b. You must turn in your handbook signature page to the Student Activities Treasurer
2. Getting your fundraiser Approved
a. You must fill out the fundraiser form
b. Turn form into Student Council for approval
c. Turn in form to your Principal for approval
3. If items are needed for your fundraiser
a. Hold a club meeting to determine to following:
i. What you need to order
ii. Where you are going to order from
iii. How much it will cost (including tax and any applicable freight)
b. Fill out the Student Activities Minutes & Requisition form (Club Officer and Club
Sponsor must sign this form)
c. Turn requisition into the Student Activities Treasurer
d. Once purchase order is processed, you can order your items
Do not purchase items until PO is in place
4. If your PO is to Wal-Mart
a. Check out the Wal-Mart card from the Student Activities Treasurer.
b. Return the card to the Student Activities Treasurer with the receipt as soon as
shopping is complete
c. Receipt must include Printed name, signature and purchase order number
5. Cash Bags
a. Cash bags will be ready for pickup the morning of your fundraiser. They can be
picked up from the Student Activities Treasurer.
b. Tickets must be given for items sold.
c. If more than one item is being sold, an inventory sheet must be included.
(Paperwork will be included with the cash bag.)
6. Reconciliation
a. Your cash collected sheet and your tickets sold and/or inventory sold must
b. Sign Cash Collection Sheet
c. Sign Inventory Sheets
d. Drop cash bag in the Bank of the West night deposit drop