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Cattle Farm Proposal
Executive Summary
The landowner proposes to construct and operator a calf and cattle farm following mining of this
area. This will constitute a post-mining land use of Commercial Cow -Calf Operation for the
reclaimed area above the Coalburg Seam outcrop level. The areas located below the Coalburg
outcrop level will be restored to Forestland. The area breakdown is as follows:
Permanent Roads
Post Mining Land Use Change
Restored to Premining Land Use.
Area consists of fill slopes (below the
Coalburg seam level), pond areas and
access roads.
This plan proposes to divide the area designated as Commercial Cow-Calf operation into six (6)
paddocks to be used for the management of livestock. The paddocks will be contained and/or
separated by a network of steel fencing. A fifty foot wide access road will be established by the
fencing and will provide access to and between the paddocks.
A proposed paddock and access road layout is shown on the Planting Plan Map, Attachment O-9.
The actual quantity, location, and size of the paddock may vary from the configuration based on
operational requirements of the facility.
Each paddock will contain a pond used to collect runoff and provide watering for the cattle.
The watering pond for each paddock will include an overflow spillway designed to handle the
discharge of 25-yr, 24-hr storm event. The overflow spillway will discharge into established
groin ditches or natural drainage ways, depending on configuration and location of the paddock.
Special care will also be required in the construction of the ponds. These ponds will be lined
with the most clayey material available on site. In the case that seepage prevents the ponds from
retaining water, other seep-proofing measures may be employed. These alternate methods may
include installation of an artificial clay liner or other suitable means.
A pole barn will be provided for machinery storage. The barn will be adequate for the
equipment and supplies needed to operate the facility. The location of the barn will be
determined by the operational needs of the project.
Please see Section O, Attachment O-9 for a detailed Post Mining Land Use Plan.
Please refer to the Cow-Calf Business Plan (25 pages) following this page.