US History 2-Test Review-Chapter 21

US History 2
Test Review
The Roaring Life of the 1920’s
The following is taken from your textbooks, pages 1310-1311
Terms & Names:
1. Bootlegger
6. George Gershwin
2. Fundamentalism
7. F. Scott Fitzgerald
3. Flapper
8. Prohibiton
4. Double standard
9. Harlem Renaissance
5. Charles A. Lindbergh
10. The Great Migration
Main Ideas:
Changing Ways of Life:
1. Explain the circumstances and outcome of the trial of the
biology teacher John Scopes
The Twenties Woman
2. In what ways did flappers rebel against the earlier styles and
attitudes of the Victorian age?
3. What key social, economic and technological changes of the
1920’s affected women’s marriages and family life?
Education and Popular Culture
4. How did high schools change in the 1920’s?
5. Cite some examples of flaws of American society that some
famous 1920’s authors attacked in their writing.
The Harlem Renaissance
6. What do the Great Migration and growth of the NAACP and
UNIA reveal about the African-American experience in this
1. Describe one way US society or culture has changed from the
1920’s to today and one way it has not.
2. Consider the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance and
their consequences. Describe the effects that these events had on
the country.