Practice quiz #1 CMMS terms and Def

EMTEC 237 CMMS Terms and definitions
Preventive maintenance
Unplanned downtime
Work request
Equipment specifications
Work order
PM Task
Down time
Definition (put in by number from definition sheet)
1 Spreadsheet program from Microsoft
Computerized Maintenance Management Software (or System)
3 Time when equipment is not available for use (e.g. because it's broken or being repaired)
Information that might be useful when servicing a piece of equipment. For example, this might
4 include horsepower, voltage, amperage, size, weight, type of oil needed for lubrication, and
anything else that might help someone who's working on the equipment.
5 Heat, ventilation, air-conditioning
The maintenance department's supply of materials including spare parts, tools, lubricants, and
anything else needed on the job
Information technology. Many companies have IT departments that supervise all computer usage
7 in the company.
Inspection, lubrication, regular part replacement, or any other scheduled maintenance intended to
prevent unscheduled problems
A description of a maintenance job. Typically it is prepared by a maintenance manager. The
manager schedules the work, assigns personnel to the job, reserves materials (if necessary), and
9 writes up whatever instructions are appropriate. It is then printed off and given to the workers who
are expected to do the job. After the work is finished, it is closed. The closing process records the
actual time that the job took, the materials actually used, and so on
A request for maintenance work. Often, work requests are submitted by non-maintenance
10 personnel, providing initial information about a problem. Maintenance personnel often create
work orders in response to work requests.
Preventive maintenance task. Typically a check-list or step-by-step instructions on what should be
done during a preventive maintenance job.
Interruption of service caused by equipment breakdown (as opposed to planned downtime where
equipment is shut down for scheduled maintenance)
Any person or organization that provides you with goods or services. This includes, for example,
13 companies that sell you equipment or materials, and outside contractors who perform specialized
maintenance for you.
Taking action before something happens: anticipating possibilities and getting ahead of the
game. In maintenance, it means an emphasis on preventive maintenance instead of corrective.
15 Anyone who submits a work request to the maintenance department