EN20110290SKG Experienced Researcher JD

Job Title:
Marie Curie Experienced Researcher
Job Family/Grade:
Academic and Research, Level C
Responsible to:
Professor Nina Thornhill
Purpose of the post
REAL-SMART is a Marie Curie FP7 Industry Academic Pathways and Partnerships
project (IAPP) which will address measurement-based monitoring and management
of high voltage transmission grids. The ten Consortium Partners include transmission
system operators, companies that supply technologies, and universities. The
consortium is interdisciplinary with experts in electrical power systems, modelling,
instrumentation, signal analysis and condition monitoring, and automation of oil & gas
and chemical processes.
The current vacancy:
We are seeking an Experienced Researcher (ER) to investigate, understand and
quantify impact of the electrical transmission grid on the way industrial sites are
The tasks of the post will include:
Examination of case studies that demonstrate the impact of the high voltage
electrical transmission grid on the way industrial loads are operated;
Evaluating the potential of industrial sites to provide variable loads to balance
renewable generation;
Considering the impact on the process of acting as a variable load;
Discussing report findings with interested parties including owners of the
industrial sites.
Key responsibilities:
To undertake research on the impact of the electrical transmission grid on the
way industrial loads such as gas compression plants are operated;
To examine the published state of the art and decide upon promising
To research and suggest solutions that will meet the aims;
To specify and work on case studies with the IAPP Consortium Partners and
other collaborators;
To manage the above activities and report progress at review meetings;
To write articles and papers summarising research findings.
To report to the supervisor regularly on the progress of research;
To prepare written reports summarising key research findings;
To deliver verbal reports and presentations to the supervisor and
To organize meetings with the supervisor and collaborators and write the
To generate a final report detailing all research findings and an agenda for
longer term research studies.
Other duties:
To provide general assistance from time to time with other research related
activities such as supervision of undergraduate or masters project students,
setting up and testing of new equipment or computer systems;
To comply with relevant policies of Imperial College London including
Financial Regulations, Equal Opportunities Policy, Promoting Race Equality
Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Information Systems Security Policy and
Intellectual Property Rights and Register of Interests Policies
Job descriptions cannot be exhaustive and the post-holder may, from time-totime, be required to undertake other duties, which are broadly in line with the
above key responsibilities.
Imperial College London is committed to equality of opportunity and to eliminating
discrimination. All employees are expected to adhere to the principles set out in its
Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy, Promoting Race Equality Policy and
Disability Policy and all other relevant guidance/practice frameworks.
Applicants are recommended to demonstrate that they possess the following
attributes by citing concrete evidence and examples. Candidates who are unable to
give evidence of the essential elements of the person specification cannot be
 An internationally recognized PhD degree in electrical engineering, process
engineering, or control engineering;
 Proficiency in the English language;
 High motivation and ability to work both independently and as part of an
interdisciplinary international team.
Experience and Knowledge
 In-depth knowledge of one or both of electrical power systems or process
 Demonstrated track record of projects involving industrial collaboration.
 Familiarity with the operations of the electrical transmission grid;
 Familiarity with activities of the oil & gas industry.
Competencies, Skills and Abilities:
 Communication skills and a flexible approach in tackling a wide variety of
tasks. This might be demonstrated through activities of employment, work
experience placements or internships;
 Ability to exercise initiative and judgement in carrying out research tasks;
 Ability to tackle a wide variety of tasks in an organized manner;
 Ability to relate appropriately to others and work as part of a team.
 Ability to write well for a technical audience. This might be demonstrated
papers in a journals or conference in the above areas;
 Successful projects completed in an area related to the job description.
Eligibility and Funding notes:
Candidates must meet the criteria for a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher, as
follows. These Marie Curie Fellowship requirements are non-negotiable and
candidates who do not meet the criteria cannot be considered:
At the time of appointment, the successful candidate will (i) be in possession
of a doctoral degree and (ii) have less than ten years of full-time equivalent
research experience, including the years spent on PhD studies;
Researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work,
studies) in the UK for more than 12 months in the last 3 years immediately
prior to the date of appointment.