Factors that Affect Climate

Factors that Affect Climate: Climate Video
1. Explain how latitude affects climate.
2. What is elevation and how does elevation affect climate?
3. Explain how ocean currents affect climate.
4. What are prevailing winds?
5. Explain how topography affects climate.
6. What are the three major/main climate zones? Where are they located (degrees of
7. What effect does climate have on vegetation/plant life in an area? Give examples.
8. Describe a Moist Continental Climate.
9. Describe the Desert Climate.
10.Describe the Moist Subtropical Climate.
Video Quiz: Fill in the blank when instructed to do so.
1. Climate is the _________________ of a region over a long time.
2. The latitude of the equator is ________________ degrees.
3. ________________ is a location’s distance above sea level.
4. As elevation increases temperature ___________________.
5. Winds blowing in the same direction are _____________________ winds.
6. Ocean _________________ also affect the climate of a region.
7. Climate zones are delineated by ___________________.
8. There are ______________ major climate zones.
9. Tropical zones have ___________________ temperatures.
10.The dry area on the leeward side of a mountain is called a _________ ______________.