City Climate Table

Step 3: Use the page called Resources for Part 3 to fill in the information for column A. You will then have to use your notes and your reasoning to fill in
column B.
City Climate Project – Part 3 – What causes the climate?
What you’ll need to know to be able to say WHY your city has the weather and climate that is has.
Climate factor A: describe it for your city
B: tell how it affects climate
Because of the latitude....
Because of the elevation.....
Because it is near a _______ current.....
Ocean Currents
Hot or cold?
Name of Current?
Alison Lepard 2009
Because it is _______ kilometers/miles from the
Proximity to Bodies of Water –
How far?
What ocean/sea?
In what direction?
Because the nearest mountains are........
Proximity to Mountains
How far?
What mountain range?
In what direction?
Because this city is in the ________________ wind region......
Global Winds - From which direction are the
prevailing winds?
make any other notes here that you might need (this is for you, to help you plan your project):
Alison Lepard 2009