Help Desk Technician
Supervisor: Systems and Support Manager
Position Function:
Responsible for providing technical assistance and support related to computer
systems, hardware, or software. Manage customer experience for employees and
contractors submitting technology related service requests. Communicate effectively
with internal and external customers about the resolution of their service requests.
Provide routine training and support in the use of company technology.
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree or three or more years work experience in a related role preferred.
CompTIA A+ or other relevant IT certifications preferred. Experience in working with
non-profit preferred.
Experience Requirements:
Experience working in a call center environment. Experience with electronic health
records software preferred, MS Office, and other standard software applications.
Knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within the field of
social services, including HIPAA and other privacy laws, preferred. Experience
supporting clients in a Microsoft platform environment.
Functional Requirements:
Capacity to learn solutions to routine customer needs to address common help
requests, provide empathetic response to customer requests and exhibit a helpful,
customer-friendly attitude. Ability to learn multiple software systems and understand
how they are implemented to support business operations. Ability to administer
complex, web-based applications. Abillity to support and deploy Microsoft desktop
platforms, software, platforms as well as minor LAN technical issues. Capacity to
learn about and recognize cultural differences as they relate to the quality of care for
clients. Ability to provide support via phone, in person, or remote access as required.
Working Conditions:
Frequent computer usage/typing required. Frequent use of phones.
Exposure to Confidential Information:
This position involves exposure to confidential information about clients, personnel, and
proprietary company practices. All confidential and sensitive information must be
managed per company policy and applicable laws.
Key Expectations/Responsibilities:
Customer Service:
Provide technical assistance and support for incoming service requests and
issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware via multiple
modalities (phone, email, in-person) based on the individual preferences of
internal and external customers
Positions Description: Help Desk Technician
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Document all requests within an electronic system to track tickets
Triage customer need, providing immediate support for routine requests and
escalating more complex needs to the appropriate vendor or internal resource
Escalate high-priority requests appropriately
Proactively follow up with customers with pending requests to let them know
the status of the issue and a timeline when they can expect it to be resolved
Technical Responsibilities
Maintain daily performance of computer systems
Walk customer through problem-solving process
Install, modify, and repair computer hardware and software
Clean up/reset computers, removing unwanted, unwarranted software,
returning to initial system delivery state
Run diagnostic programs to resolve problems
Diagnose technical problems with Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area
Networks (WAN), and other systems
Install approved computer peripherals for users
Setup new users in relevant systems such as Active Directory, Exchange
Maintain and deploy Windows Script Host (WSH) scripts as needed for
Gain feedback from customers about computer usage
Field operations:
Set up computers and equipment as requested for routine business needs
Pick up or move light equipment
Drive between facilities
Meet vendors and provide them with appropriate access to facilities
Provide ad hoc training to employees and contractors in the use of company
Provide one-on-one training and support to users as requested in the routine
use of company technology
Write computer training material/tutorials
Mentor customer service staff to develop and refine technical skills of
The above noted job description is not intended to describe, in detail, the multitude of tasks that may
be assigned but rather to give the employee a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations
of his/her position. As the nature of business demands change so, too, may the essential functions
of this position
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Positions Description: Help Desk Technician
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