Enid Mary Blyton Biography by Aneesah and Holly

Biography of Enid Mary Blyton
Enid Mary Blyton was born in 11th August 1897.In London United Kingdom.
She died on November 28th 1968 Hampsterd United Kingdom .She was buried
in Golder’s Green crematoriam .
Enid Mary Blyton was an English writer whose book had been amongst the world’s best seller. Her parents were
Thereasa Mary Harrison Blyton and Thomas Carey Blyton.
Enid Mary Blyton had 2 daughters were called Gillian Baverstock and her other daughter Imogen Mary Smallwood.
In 1911 she was not so keen on hard subjects but excelled in writing and in 1911 she entered Arther Mee’s childrens
competition poetry.
Enid Mary Blyton’s Father Thomas was a cutlery sales man when he was young. After that, he then joined his uncle
selling Yorkshire cloth. Later then, he still set up his business. Thomas and Enid his daughter had close relationship.
Enid and her Father especially new about nature inside out..
Even though Enid had a relationship with her Father she had a close relationship with her Mother. Thereasa was
tall. Raven haired women whose life who was around chores.[ Theresa did not like Enid getting involved in nature
with her Farther and Theresa thinks inside the box but Enid thinks outside the box]
By Holly and Aneesah