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The UK’s National Institute for Data Science
Founded by the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, UCL & Warwick and EPSRC
2016 Doctoral Studentships
The Alan Turing Institute is seeking exceptional candidates for doctoral studentships,
starting in October 2016
The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s new national institute for data science, established to bring together
world-leading expertise and provide leadership in this exciting emerging field. Headquartered at the British
Library in London’s vibrant Knowledge Quarter, the Institute brings together the best people, organisations
and technologies in data science, working together for the development of foundational theory,
methodology and algorithms for data science, and for the translation of this basic research into results that
create academic, economic and societal impact. At the heart of the Institute’s mission is supporting the
next generation of internationally-leading data science researchers.
The Institute’s doctoral studentship scheme is distinct and exciting, aimed at students who wish to
combine deep technical understanding in core competencies (including algorithms, systems, mathematical
statistics, machine learning, inference, mathematical methods and modelling) with an appropriate degree
of scientific breadth from an in-depth exposure across the spectrum of data science challenges and
opportunities. Mathematics, Statistics and Computing underpin much of the research the Institute
undertakes, and because the Institute simultaneously aspires to serve society’s needs, engineering, social
sciences, ethics and design are included in the Institute’s research fabric. The Institute is committed to the
essential professional and personal skills needed to lead and shape the emerging field of data science.
To participate in the scheme, students will apply for admission for doctoral study in an academic discipline
core to data science through one of the Institute’s founding partner universities, under the supervision of
academic staff who are substantially engaged with the Institute. Participating students will be based at the
Institute hub at the British Library in London, but will also spend time at the admitting university (primarily
after the first year) to ensure a rich research relationship over the course of the scheme.
The Institute will offer a competitive stipend to each student and a grant to the host university intended to
cover tuition and fees, while the host university will admit students, monitor progress and ultimately be
responsible for the process of awarding a degree. The Institute envisions internship opportunities with its
partner organisations and other activities. Finally, the Institute will bring ethical considerations into the
research that it undertakes, and aims to instill a deep and considered appreciation for the importance of
ethical approaches to data science.
Motivated and talented graduates with strong quantitative backgrounds such as mathematics, statistics,
computer science and related areas are encouraged to apply, by sending a CV, transcripts, a short
statement of research interests and the names of 2-3 referees to
In keeping with the principles of the Institute, we especially encourage applications from female
researchers. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.
Informal enquiries may be made to For the Institute’s research roadmap
and further particulars of the scheme, see