Blocked Courses

Avoid Being Blocked From the Courses You Need
Dear Psychology major,
During registration, many Psychology majors get blocked from certain courses. Often this is because
the Banner system does not understand that you a) have already completed a course prerequisite, or
b) will have completed a course prerequisite by the end of the current semester. In these situations it
is important for you to get courses “unblocked” before you begin the registration processes. If you
need to get unblocked from a course, you should take care of it immediately.
If you need to be unblocked from any of the courses listed below, please send us an e-mail
([email protected]) and tell us 1) your name, 2) your Banner ID number, 3) which course you
need to have unblocked, and 4) the reason you need the course unblocked. We’ll do our best to have
the unblocking complete before registration begins in order to facilitate the registration process.
PSYC 2210
Although we strongly recommend that all Psychology majors take PSYC 2101 as a core course, there
are three courses that are considered acceptable substitutes. If a student takes MATH 2228, MATH
2283 or BIOS 1500, (or earns AP credit for one of these courses) the course will satisfy the core
statistics requirement for the major. It is important, however, for the student using this substitution
option to be aware of two important facts.
First, these substitute courses earn only 3 credit hours, whereas PSYC 2101 includes a lab and earns
4 credit hours. This means that a student who takes one of the substitution courses will need to earn
an extra hour of PSYC elective credit to reach the 35 hours required for the major.
Second, students should keep in mind that statistics is a prerequisite for another required core
course, Research Methods (PSYC 2210). A student who has completed PSYC 2101 should have no
trouble registering for PSYC 2210 because the Banner system will recognize that the prerequisite has
been completed. This is not the case for students who have taken one of substitution statistics
courses. If you have completed a substitution statistics course, you will need to get the prerequisite
requirement unblocked before you try to register for PSYC 2210.
You will also need to get unblocked from PSYC 2210 if you are currently taking PSYC 2101 or one of
the substitute courses described above.
PSYC 4000, 4250 and 4280 (Capstone Courses)
Research Methods (PSYC 2210) is the prerequisite for all PSYC Capstone courses. If you are
currently taking PSYC 2210 and want to take a capstone course next semester, you’ll need to get the
capstone course unblocked.
If you have any questions about this process, please let us know.
Drs. Eppler and Reed
The correspondence above was emailed to all Psychology majors in October of 2014.
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