Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Lynn Epping, MSc
Personal details
Family name
First name
Gwendolyn Joanna
Date of birth
August 4, 1988
Work experience
May 2012 –
September 2012
Research assistant in the 2012 National Election research project
VU University Amsterdam – The research, supervised by prof. dr. J.
Kleinnijenhuis, focuses on the Dutch National Elections which were on
September 12. The research contains content analysis of the news as well as
research to the public opinion with regard to the elections.
February 2012 –
September 2012
Junior teacher Communication Science
VU University Amsterdam - Supervised bachelor and premaster students who
were writing their final thesis. Provided group discussions and lectures within the
course News and Journalism. Assistant lecturer in courses ‘News and Citizenship’
and ‘News Effects’.
February 2012 –
June 2012
Research assistant
University of Amsterdam (UvA) – Transcribing interviews for the PhD project of
drs. Didi Griffioen in order to make data analyzable for the researcher.
2011 – 2012
Academic Interviewer
VU University Amsterdam – Gathering data by interviewing during protests for
the project “caught in the act of protest: Contextualizing contestation”
2010 - 2012
Communication officer at the communication department Faculty of Social
VU University Amsterdam – Responsible for providing information for
forthcoming students (bachelor, premaster and master) and the organization of
events, like the Bachelor's information day, Master’s information evening and
faculty-associated events, like the faculty’s introduction for new students.
2009 - 2010
Student advisor Faculty of Social Sciences
VU University Amsterdam - Giving presentations at secondary schools about the
bachelor’s Public Administration and Organization Science.
Tutor first year students Public Administration and Organization Science
VU University Amsterdam – Guiding first year bachelor students through their
first semester with classes about writing essays and papers and about how to
use the universities’ search system for academic articles
Curriculum Vitae
Lynn Epping, MSc
Sideline activities
2011 - 2012
MSc Communication Science (cum laude/with distinction)
VU University Amsterdam - Specialization in Political Communication and
Organizational Communication. Courses about political communication and
news dynamics, news effects, internal communication and marketing
communication. Master’s thesis about the interplay between pr, news, stock
rates and reputation in crisis situations, which beheld topics like framing and
agenda setting processes in news media and congruency between press
releases and social media releases of the company.
BSc Public Administration and Organization Science
VU University Amsterdam - Courses about policy making, political dynamics,
marketing and persuasive communication, organizational culture and social
networks in organizations. Minor in Journalism.
Policy advisor and media advisor SRVU student union
VU University Amsterdam – Advisor regarding (social) media strategy,
education, student housing and recruitment.
2010 - 2011
Board member SRVU student union
VU University Amsterdam – Responsible for external communication and
media performance, organization of the student council elections of 2011.
2010 - 2011
Editor in chief faculties’ magazine Essay
VU University Amsterdam – Essay is the magazine of the Faculty of Social
Sciences which was spread four times a year. All sorts of social and academic
themes are discussed. Responsible for all external contacts (e.g. designers,
printing office).
Editor faculties’ magazine Essay
VU University Amsterdam - Writing articles for the magazine.
2007 - 2009
Board member of youth wing of political party
Responsible for classes, excursions, student seminar and “slumlord of the
year”-elections. Scouted as political talent and therefore graduated student of
the political elite course within the party.
Student representative at Accent College and Holland Accent Groep
Student representative in participation council Accent College Reviusplein,
Accent college and Holland Accent Groep.