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Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice
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Training Announcement
Course Description
Fraud Investigations
The Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Academy will be hosting a two day course on insurance fraud
which is being offered by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This training is geared towards law
enforcement officers from all levels and specialties. We will cover staged accidents in depth and show
how we have all been or could be duped by the perpetrators of these schemes daily. The student will
learn what a staged accident is, where they occur, how they are committed and who commits them.
During the two days NICB and other instructors will demonstrate to the students how Attorneys and
medical providers collaborate to profit from fictitious insurance claims and how they can spot them and
what to do with them.
Just some of the interesting topics that will be covered during this training include, why do the insurance
companies pay, Owner give ups (fraudulent vehicle thefts and arson), fraudulent workers compensation
claims, slip and fall claims, home owner claim fraud, ie questionable burglaries and legal topics such as;
what Virginia codes are charged for these crimes. There will also be a section covering cargo theft.
Members of the NICB Major Medical Fraud Task Force located in Fairfax Virginia will explain the ever
growing problem of medical provider fraud, recent trends and how they affect us all. This course will also
include case studies of recent investigations that have lead to prosecution.
On day two the student will be exposed to the ISO database. This is the all inclusive claims depository
used by the insurance industry to determine in anyone has been involved in any prior claims.
The student mix of the training will consist of attendees from both the law enforcement and insurance
investigations professions. It is or hopes that this will afford a networking opportunity valuable to all.
Dialog between the students and the instructors will be encouraged in order to take full advantage of the
knowledge and diverse professional experience attending.
Complete a registration form and either mail or fax to the academy at 276-645-3719.
(16) Hours of in-service credit will be awarded two of which will be legal hours.
Date and Time
September 25-26, 2013
8:00am – 5:00pm
330 Bonham Road
Bristol, Va 24201
Agency Contact
Doug Cooley
[email protected]
(276) 645-3700
(276) 645 3719 fax
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