Allan Ralph Andrews, born Long Beach, California, September
13th 1939:
In the book African Philosophy, it is discussed how the
ancestors and chiefs, belong, with the gods, in the Dreamtime.
If you do any kind of long term genealogy, you can see fact
disappear into legend and ordinary history gradually become
apart of ancient dreams. It takes a long time before the
genealogy of my grandmother begins to connect with the dukes
and then the kings and then the emperors and then the
legendary kings and emperors. There is a point at which
someone has traced her roots to ancient troy. There is a
genealogy that connects my grandmother with Aphrodite and
eventually with Zeus. I can choose another that connects her
with Odin, or with Eve. I can connect her with the rulers of
Egypt and China, with Rome and Persia, to the Prophets of
Islam and Judea. It is not clear just where fact slips into legend.
It does so slowly, but inevitably. The ancients were more aware
of this fact than we are. It made them more sane in someways.
The Finite Game, as Carse explains in Finite and Infinite Games,
is framed by the realm of the Infinite Game, which never ends,
goes on and on, there is not one correct explanation of the
infinite game, of the genealogy of the Dreamtime Zamani there
is no one true form. This is the right brain connection with the
subconscious and through the subconscious with the collective
unconscious, which is the roots through which our genealogical
and cultural information connect with the larger whole.
At a certain point in this regression, legend triumphs over fact,
theology triumphs over biology, the genetic yields to the
psychic and the psychic to the mystic. This realm of astrology
and reincarnation is a foggy area at the edge of the unknown.
Do soul complexes emerge out of the mathematics of the
possible, the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable
and allows the revulsion of the void to generate passion from
energy and mind from information systems, pleasure from
integration and pain from disintegration, does this interact with
the finite world through these mythological and genealogical
structures? Does the infinitesimal monad of the soul connect
its passion and pleasure with the energy and integration of the
objective world through this intermediate area that Ernest
Holmes associates with the psychic and with a strange entity he
terms “race thought.”
In a certain sense, it does not matter. The right hemisphere
loves long fishing lines and the rich images of astrology and
genealogy tap into its dream rich language. If there was a
world of ghostly shadows, would these shadows be any wiser in
death than in life, would they have access to any more
information than we have? If the right brain world of dreams
wiser and more accurate than the left.
Scientific evidence indicates that the symbol systems of the
right brain are better at meanings and relationships and the
factual systems of the left brain are better at accurate and
definitive descriptions. We can imagine these ghost and
astrological gods hunting for signs of things that they like, that
feel right. Does it matter if these ghosts and gods are real or
simply metaphors stored in hidden places in the right
hemisphere, either way they may hold clues to forgotten and
darker pieces of who and what we are. So, in this astrological
and genealogical world of legends, it is story and symbol,
meaning and richness of feeling that we are looking for, not
scientific fact or accurate history.
August 23rd 2012, Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA.
The problem is that left brain thinking is limited by the finite
limits of this world. But this world is not the unlimited source
in which all logical things are probable at some level. My
Heaven Trigram immortality is infinitely different from my Earth
Trigram mortality and my Wind Trigram set point is utterly
different from my Thunder Trigram local progression. There
are group souls and astral complexes to which I am locally
attached and they will continue their local development and
association. My ultimate being from within monad becomes all
things within the infinite and branches and reawakens in an
infinite complex of possibilities. At this level, my core is not
linear, but branches endlessly into and endless complex of
possible worlds, I become many things and an endless
immensity of places and combinations in ways I cannot fathom
in this limited and restricted here and now world.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA., August 23rd 2012
The simplest possible explanation of the world is the Chinese
notion of yin and yang, of mathematical potential as yin and
energy potential as yang. The possible qualities this yin and
yang combination can take are endlessly conserved and the
actual quantity in energy is endlessly conserved. All things
hidden and manifest are constructed from this interaction. The
visible is the result of the interaction of eldest daughter yin
mathematics and systems potential with middle daughter yin
quantum mechanics and particle and wave formation and
youngest daughter yin space time relativity stimulated by
eldest son yang energy flux to generate the Earth and Thunder
Trigrams of the I Ching, the emergence of the invisible into the
visible world. For me Earth Trigram symbolizes the visible and
Thunder symbolizes its emergence and evolution.
The simplest possible explanation of the polarity of the
subjective and the objective, is that the subjective is simply the
bending inward of the objective, generating passion from
energy and information from mathematical structure,
generating pleasure from integration and pain from
disintegration, generating phenomenology from concentration
and time and space associations from attachments and
distributed associations. Eldest son yang is the infinite flux that
extends into the integration of all things in the boundless that is
middle son and yang and the concentration into the
infinitesimal subjective now that is youngest son yang to
generate the Heaven Trigram that makes the improbable
probable to stimulate the emergence of the classical ideal in
the metaphysics of Wind Trigram. Flame Trigram is the
connection between this source and the emerging world in
Thunder Trigram and the resulting complexity in Lake Trigram.
Water Pit Trigram is the order emerging from Wind into Earth
and back through Mountain Trigram into Wind. So Heaven is
the subjective, the romantic temper, the Magical aspect of
existence. Wind Trigram is the ideal, the classical temper, the
Metaphysical aspect of existence. Earth Trigram is the realistic
temper it is Science. Thunder Trigram is the world of business,
the practical, the expressionist temper. Flame Trigram is the
cubist temper, the realm of Art. Mountain Trigram is the
impressionist temper, the realm of Philosophy. Water Pit
Abysm Trigram is the baroque temper, the realm of
Government. Lake Trigram is the realm of scripture, of
literature, of ideology, astrology and of the symbolist and postimpressionist temper. It is the opposite of Mountain Trigram,
the realm of the impressionist temper and empirical
In respect to the Process Philosophy of Alfred North
Whitehead, Heaven would be God and Wind would be Eternal
Objects, Earth would be actual occasions and Thunder would be
the Events that create them. Flame would be Contrasts and
Mountain would be Prehensions, Water Pit would be
Propositions and Lake would be Nexi. It is obvious then that,
Heaven is the Infinite of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and
Earth is the finite. Wind is the necessary and Thunder the
contingent. Flame is the free and Water Pit is the unfree.
Mountain is the simple and Lake is the complex. The simplest
explanation of the observed, then, is to extend the
complementary system of Quantum Mechanics from the
position and speed and wave and particle problems to the
duality between energy and information and relativity and
quantum mechanics, to the duality between the free and its
opposite, the necessary and the contingent, the subjective and
the objective, the simple idea and the complex synchronicity to
which it belongs. There is now no panpsychic problem, only a
complementary panpsychic effect, an extension of the wave
function and M Theory into a new realm of complements that is
a simple extension of those already given.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA Saturday Aug 25th 2012
In respect to eternity, what is happening is infinite flux making
the mathematically ideal improbable probable and its
emergence in the visible world as Heaven Trigram stimulates
Wind Trigram to become manifest in Earth Trigram and evolve
and expand in Thunder. But, just as important is the
intermediate astral race thought synchronicity, the
phenomenology of freewill and natural selection in Flame
generating analysis in Mountain and homeostatic order in
Water Pit and complex associations in Lake, of Karma in Flame
generating consciousness and mind in Lake and Dharma in
Water Pit linked to astrology and rebirth in Lake. This
intermediate realm in neither mortal nor immortal, but unites
aspects of both. Much of the experience of the soul is linked to
this intermediate realm through which it moves in its
attachments and detachments from bodies and physical forms.
So we have two contrary movements out of the infinite flux
that makes the improbable probable and generates the
expansion of the universe that drives the processes of evolution
as an aspect of entropy and natural selection as an aspect of
the competition between energy dissipative structure. Heaven
Trigram generates divinity as the interaction of the infinite and
the infinitesimal and the emergence of the Wind Trigram ideal
from its Heaven Trigram source. From Wind Trigram comes the
Earth Trigram product and its full expression in the evolutionary
developments that are Thunder Trigram.
But moving counter to this downward expression is the action
of energy as the Karma that moves the Dharma order of all
things and generates individual attachment to individual bodies
in the development of local mind and the complexes of
attachments and detachments that are the birth and rebirth of
the attached and detached soul in various chains of samsara, of
birth and rebirth. Flame Trigram is the competitive attachment
and detachment of the soul and Mountain Trigram is its
individual experience and thought. Water Pit Abysm is the
Dharma, the astrology, the fate that governs this attachment
and detachment and Lake is the complex web of this birth and
rebirth and the genealogy of the bodies and societies to which
the soul attaches and detaches in the complex relationships of
it birth and death.
Hinduism puts emphasis on the magical powers that are the
source of these actions and Buddhism on the ideal relationships
that give it meaning. Platonism, Buddhism, Jainism all
emphasized these interactions in Wind Trigram, Jainism with
emphasis on youngest son yang in the monad soul, Buddhism
on middle son yang in the gone gone utterly beyond
compassion that is the unutterable one, and Platonism in the
nous, the Santa Sophia, the rational and mathematical wisdom
that is the eldest daughter dharma axis of the whole.
Christianity has its mental roots in this Platonism, but its
physical expression in the utilitarianism of the Earth Trigram
and its resulting science. Both Earth and Thunder belong to the
material world, with Earth being more the socialist and Thunder
more the capitalist aspect of the manifest.
It contrast, Flame has always belonged to the primitive and the
shamanistic and Mountain to empirical philosophy. Water Pit
Abysm belongs to the fatalism of Vedic and Arabic astrology,
the polar opposite of the openness of Flame. Lake belongs to
Chinese synchronism between Confucian ancestor worship in
youngest daughter yin, Daoist energy of the Way of eldest son
yang, and Buddhist middle son yang.
This is the complex realm of mythology and synchronicity that
ties the Thunder Trigram of evolution of the complex source in
Heaven Trigram possibility from which it comes. The soul in life
belongs to the process philosophy of the prehensions and the
impressionism of Mountain Trigram and in death to the nexi
and the symbolism and post-impressionism on the
synchronicity and complexity of the dreamtime world, the
astral world, the race thought world, the ghost of the ancestors
in Lake Trigram.
Heaven and Wind Trigram function in the realm of the
immeasurably small immediate and the immeasurable large
boundless eternal, the realm of the gods, Earth and Thunder in
the realm of measurable time and space, the realm of evolving
creatures. Thunder, Mountain, Water Pit Abysm, and Lake
belong to the intermediate realm, neither finite nor infinite,
neither time nor timeless, but a bit of both. Thunder is the
Karma of that realm, the freedom, the adventure. Water Pit
Abysm is the corresponding reward and punishment,
purgatory, heaven, hell, the Dharma, the justice, the effect that
responds to the flaming cause. Mountain is the awakening of
the mind of the embodied to its freedom and Lake is its death
and absorption back into the ancestral dreamtime, the
common fate of men and animals, the ancestors, the gods
themselves, in the complex and deep interaction of all things
that ties evolution in the Thunder of the here and now back to
the timeless quiet of the endless flux from which it came, the
exploding silence of the galaxies of stars in Heaven Trigram.
Genealogy is one doorway to that hidden Lake, a fishing line
trawling deep into its hidden silence that pulls up ancient
forgotten treasures and calls them back to momentary ghostly
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, August 26th, Sunday, 2012
The basic atoms of existence are the jiva, the infinitesimal
monads of the now that invert integration into pleasure and
disintegration into pain, energy into passion and mathematics
into information, individuation into awareness and collective
absorption into dreams and sleep. From these
phenomenological atoms come linear developments that
generate simple phenomenological time and systems of
attachment and detachment, of birth and rebirth. From the
association of these points and lines of phenomenology emerge
complex time and space, the time and space of measurement
and science. But the root of the measurable is in the
immeasurable. Wakefulness and sleep, birth and death of
conscious occur on the breaking point between the infinite
source and the finite product, the necessary ideal and the
contingent expression, between the dreamtime world of the
possible and the observed world of the actual.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, August 27th 2012
Only in meditation and dreams does the soul plunge into its
complex roots. In normal life it is carried along by its astrologic
and genealogic attachments that root it to its body and its
visible world. There is no ability for it to find its deeper
attachments because the energy of its surface processes
focuses it on the objective world and the space time
relationships symbolized in the astrological relationships of that
world. Only detachment and meditation make possible any
changes in this imposed fate. The past and present connections
of the soul to its body and the genealogy of the bodies to which
it was previously attached link the soul to a complex social and
environmental structure from which it is extremely difficult to
gain liberation. This has been the message of spiritual
literature for two thousand years.
Flame is the trigram of liberation and Mountain is the trigram
of thought and experience. Water Pit Abysm is the trigram of
bondage and fate that frames experience and thought, and
Lake is the trigram of the astrological and genealogical
dreamtime that links the expression of that fate in Thunder to
its genesis in Heaven.
August 28th 2012, Allan Ralph Andrews
Hinduism puts focus on the primitive energy of the infinite that
generates the magical aspects of all things, Buddhism on the
ideal form that magic takes. New Thought, as in Religious
Science, on the impression of that ideal on the mind and the
possibility of liberation through the power of mind in Flame
Trigram. Water Pit Abysm Trigram is the law of mind in action
that generates the realistic expression of these processes in
Earth and Thunder Trigram. Lake is the deep complex of birth
and rebirth that acts though the interaction of Karma in Flame
and thought in Mountain to generate the world of our
experience in Water Pit Abysm Trigram.
So magical Hinduism in a romantic Heaven Trigram source is
opposed to a scientific result in Earth Trigram and ideal
Pythagorean Neoplatonism in a classical Wind Trigram source is
opposed to pragmatic evolutionary progressive
thermodynamics. Fatalistic astrological purgatory is the
Dharma of Water Pit Abysm that is opposed to the Shamanistic
freedom of Flame. The New Thought empiricism of Mountain
generates Whitehead process philosophy prehensions that
complement the Jungian synchronicity and dialectics of Lake
Trigram. In Lake is the pool of the genealogical and collective
unconscious. It is psychic, it is a web of birth and rebirth that
forms the deep psychic complexity of Lake Trigram, the postimpressionism and symbolism that complements the
impressionism of Mountain.
Here we find the Tetrahedron of the Pythogorean classism of
Wind Trigram and Air Element that enters through the
phenomenological infinitesimal, the monad of youngest son
yang into the Fire Element that is the pure freedom of Flame
Trigram and the Water Element that is the collective complexity
of Lake, expressing finally in the realism of Earth. Earth is the
tamas guna that is measurable and flame is the rajas guna that
is its dynamic source and wind and air are the sattva guna that
is the pure ideal. Tamas guna is realistic, Lake and Water are
psychic, Sattva and Wind and Air are mystic, Flame and Fire are
the dynamic energy in which they can become free. The ashes
of this Flame become Earth and the vapors return to the Wind,
all dissolve in the rain and fall to Earth through Lake. It is a
single comprehensive system.
My body dies in Earth and my soul endures as an infinitesimal
atom of Air and Wind. The Karma of their interaction, rising in
Flame Trigram, continues in complex associations to play itself
out in birth and rebirth in the dreamtime collective unconscious
world of Lake in that intermediate world of associations and
disassociations that is the Water Element and the astral realm.
Where it is integrative and immortal, it brings joy and love, and
where disintegrative and mortal, it brings suffering and hate.
That is why only the integrative point that ties Wind to Lake,
where the Water Element rises from its ties to race thought and
the psychic and enters into mystic peace, is worthy of our
purpose, of our focus, it is the Nirvana of Buddha Wisdom.
Allan Ralph Andrews, August 28th 2012, Bakersfield, CA
The resulting metaphysics conforms to German Idealism in the
sense that we have taken the Hegelian Dialectic and imposed it
upon the old Neoconfucian Dialectic of the I Ching, Yi Ching, so
that the thesis is the world of systems theory and mathematics
of Eldest Daughter Yin, the “Li,” the natural pattern of
Confucianism and given it an antithesis in Eldest Son Yang that
is the infinite energy flux that makes the improbable probable.
This generates two competing dialectics, one of the subjective
infinite, Heaven Trigram, and one of the objective finite, Earth
Trigram. The way of Heaven is the Dao as the flux that is Shiva
in Eldest Son Yang extends into the boundless everything of the
Dao in middle son Yang to generate the infinitesimal being from
within atoms of subjectivity that are the monad jivas here and
now moments that generate pleasure from integration in
middle son yang and pain from disinitegration in middle
daughter yin, generate passion from energy in eldest son yang
and information from laws of pattern in eldest daughter yang,
finally generating phenomenological time and space in
youngest son yang and public time and space relativity in
youngest daughter yin.
The finite world of scientifically measurable objects is a shadow
dialectic where eldest daughter yin becomes mathematical
systems and middle daughter becomes atomic particles and
waves in quantum mechanics and youngest daughter becomes
public space time relativity in an expanding universe driven by
thermodynamics in eldest son yang.
The result is the full spread of tempers of the metaphysics of
the critique of pure reason of Kant, romantic in Heaven Trigram
infinity and realistic in Earth Trigram finiteness, classical ideals
in the necessary idealism of Wind Trigram and contingent in the
expressionism of Thunder Trigram. Flame Trigram is cubist and
free and Water Pit Abysm is baroque and mechanistic.
Mountain is impressionistic and simple and Lake is postimpressionistic, symbolistic, synchronistic, Jungian, and
Here is the God of Alfred North Whitehead as Heaven Trigram
and Eternal Objects as Wind, Actual Occasions as Earth, Events
as Thunder. Contrasts are Flame, Prehensions are Mountain,
Propositions are Water Pit and Nexi are Lake. This is a giant
idealized version of a Darwinian naturalism, in which Heaven is
mutation, Flame is competitive natural selection, Thunder is the
emergence of maladaptive expressions in the working out of
evolution as energy and the expansion of the universe into
nothingness. Lake is the population genetics and syngamy of
the evolving sexual system that recombines the result in
various complex recombinations only to be worked on by
further mutation in Heaven Trigram.
Mountain is isolation, speciation, and the analysis of input of
information into the resulting systems of organisms. Wind is
the adaptive peak and the genetic ideal as the set point of the
resulting system. Water Pit Abysm is the feedback system that
maintains the homeostasis of the result. Earth is the resulting
phenotype, monitored by input through Mountain to compare
results with the adaptive ideal in Wind.
The main difference between this notion and ordinary
naturalism is the monad of subjectivity is the infinitesimal
simple atom from which all things are made. Thus, it is at core
a monadology. What appears to be probability and contingent
in the objective world is actually rooted to actions of the jiva
monad, each of which is rooted within, is an imaginary number
in the algebra of the Pythagorean idealism in which the system
is rooted. This generates a counter movement from the
Heaven Trigram Infinite Flux, Wind Trigram mathematical and
systems ideals, Earth Trigram expression, Thunder Trigram
evolutionary emergence. Counter to this movement is the only
partly visible evolution of the jiva monad working out its Karma
in Flame and its experience in Mountain, subjected to its own
Dharma as destiny in Water Pit, as result of hidden astral
complexes tying its immortal simple time to the mortal public
time of the birth and death and genealogy of synchronicity and
astrology in the complex relationships of Lake Trigram.
Astrology and psychic phenomena cannot be objective, cannot
belong to science, because their hidden part is rooted in
Dreamtime Heaven Trigram and can never be fully exposed in
Earth and Thunder. They will always belong to the realm of
private faith.
The result is a series of separate ethical systems. Public
utilitarian ethics for Earth Trigram and market hedonism for
Thunder. For reasons discussed above, Lake Trigram belongs to
Divine Command, and ideological, Ethics. For the same
reasons, Heaven Trigram is intuitionist ethics. Our standard
ethical systems, Virtue Ethics and Duty Ethics, rule Wind
Trigram idealism and Water Pit Abysm Trigram rationalism (of
the type found in the Critique of Practical Reason of Kant). This
leaves Mountain Trigram and Flame Trigram, ruled by rational
ethical egoism in Mountain, and the freer and less constrained
psychological egoism, free from any externally imposed order
at all, as the competitive force that regulates Flame Trigram
and Fire Element.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield California, Aug 29th 2012
So we find rational ethical systems belong to eldest daughter
yin and irrational ones to eldest son yang. Care ethics belongs
to middle son yang and hedonism to middle daughter yin.
Private and personal systems belong to the phenomenology of
youngest son yang, here is existentialism. Public systems
belong to youngest daughter yin, here is the pragmatism of
John Dewey for example.
Science tends to be ruled by utilitarianism and business by
market hedonism. Art tends to psychological egotism and
individualism to rational ethical egoism. Metaphysics
encourages Virtue Ethics and Government encourages Duty
Ethics. Divine Command Ethics is encourage by ideology and
Rational Egoism by its philosophic opposite. Magical thinking
and romanticism belong to Intuitionism as an opposite to
Utilitarianism. Thus, you should not be surprised to find
teachers using a care ethics, business men involved with some
kind of rational ethical egoism or hedonism, judges favoring the
notion of duty, classical philosophy supporting virtue, and
preachers and ideology favoring various forms of divine
command. Our system supports a virtue ethics in which every
form of ethics is acceptable except when done to such an
extreme as to unbalance the larger whole.
The Earth and Thunder Trigrams are only result and expression,
the source and the set point of the source lie in Heaven and
Wind Trigrams. Science and evolution track the expression of
what begins in Heaven and Wind. All patterns emerge from the
logic and systems theory and mathematical potential that is the
Nous of Platonism and Wisdom of Jewish Thought, the Logos of
Christian Thought and the Law that is Eldest Daughter Yin, the
“Li” of Neoconfucian philosophy and Chu H si, and the Law of
Mind of Ernest Holmes and New Thought. These patterns
emerge from Eldest Daughter Yin nothingness, the zero point in
the coordinates of all being, from the expansion of energy to
the log e in Eldest Son Yang. It is the stimulation of this
potential generated by the Lord Shiva energy flux that is the
primitive source of everything. The expansion of this energy
flux into the boundless time and space everything in Middle
Son Yang is the beginning of the larger structure of space time
evolution and the origin of the universe of universes. But, the
beginning of the fine structure of existence, the beginning of all
passion, pleasure, pain, awareness, dreams, the
phenomenological fine structure of the subjective world, that
arises from the atoms of subjectivity, the monad souls, the jiva,
the infinitesimal now that is the existential inexistent non-being
from which all being and becoming are generated. The monad
soul is the primary unit in the generation of the deep essence
of all things. Thus, it is to Heaven Trigram and Eldest Son
energy flux, Middle Son boundless integration, and Youngest
Son creative phenomenological infinitesimal atoms of freely
generative becoming that we must look to for the true
beginning, the true origin of what is manifest in the objective
Eldest Daughter Yin provides the rules of that emergence,
Middle Daughter Yin provides the quantum vehicles, and
Youngest Daughter Yin provides the space time relationships, in
which the structures and systems generated in Heaven Trigram
emerge as natural phenomena in Earth Trigram and
evolutionary developments in Thunder. But the deep unseen
roots are in Heaven and Wind. What is seen in Earth and
Thunder are shadows only.
What Plato calls the Sun of the Good, the “God” of Alfred North
Whiteheads Process Philosophy, is Heaven Trigram. The
patterns, models, ideals it shines its light upon are the basis of
Wind Trigram, or Air Element. The objects it generates are
Earth Trigram and Earth Element. The progressive shadows, the
events, the evolutionary consequences of the products
generate in Earth are Thunder Trigram.
When the viewer is unchained within his cave, that is Flame
Trigram (Fire Element) and what he is able to see, when he is
unchained, lies within his Mountain Trigram, the system he is
chained in is his Water Pit Abysm, his cave. The complex
system of birth and rebirth that allows him to change his spot
and work upward toward the light, or be carried back down to
his place of imprisonment. These larger complexes belong to
Lake Trigram (and Water Element).
Only Earth Element is objective and realistic, the other
elements are subjective and romantic. Water Element (Lake
Trigram) is the psychic aspect of the romantic and the
subjective. Air Element (Wind Trigram) is the mystic. Fire
Element (Flame Trigram) is the experimental, the adventurous,
the dynamic, the revolutionary. Objectivity in Earth and
Subjectivity in Heaven are conservative in the psychic
conservatism of Lake and Water and in the mystic conservatism
of Wind and Air. Only Flame is existential and free, is true
liberalism in the deeper sense. Water is limited by the Divine
Command ethic that drives it and Air by the Virtue ethic that
focuses its efforts on its mystical notions of the good. Earth is
captured by its objective realism and utilitarian ethics. Only
Flame and Fire Element open up and liberate us from our place
of bondage within our temper, our conceptual and ethical
systems structure.
This choice does not exist within the visible world. The soul
atoms are too small, too infinitesimal to be found within any
externally objective, externally visible system. This is our peril.
We are bound and chained in realistic systems that claim we
are not free, when our unseen immortal freedom is the unseen
deep Buddha root of everything we are in our real unseen
essence. No science can ever free us. No scientific test will
ever be refined enough to reveal the hidden soul and show is
primal freedom. It is impossible to prove the infinite and the
infinitesimal within the finite shadow that it casts upon the
walls of our bondage in the limited objective realm that is our
cage of suffering, the hell of our finite attachment, the sadness
we generate when we demand proof for what can never be
revealed. The true Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Confucius, is
hidden deep in the Inner Chamber of the Heart in the Endless
Christmas Easter of the Heaven Trigram deep within. There
Aslan the Lion reigns in a heavenly kingdom that will never end.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, California, Aug 29th 2012
The spiritual truths of existence are remarkably simple. Energy
in eldest son yang encourages pattern in eldest daughter yin.
That pattern brings integration and harmony in middle son
yang or disintegration and suffering in middle daughter yin
when used as the basic focus and ideal of existence. When
youngest son yang chooses integration as its focus, it brings
harmony and joy to all its associations in youngest daughter yin
space and time. In Buddhism, a younger son yang that chooses
this path is called a Buddha, its middle son yang integration is
called Nirvana, the eldest daughter yin pattern it encourages is
called Dharma and the youngest daughter yin space and times
community that supports it is called the Sanga. Focus on
energy that subverts this harmony is called Karma and
disintegrative patterns that subverts this harmony is called
Maya. Buddha, Nirvana, and Dharma rule the Wind Trigram
and Nirvana, Dharma, and Sanga rule the Water Pit Abysm that
supports Wind. Maya and Karma and the space time of Loci
that do not support this pattern rule Thunder and Flame.
In Jainism, the harmony and purity of the Jiva in the Wind Ideal
is called Sattva Guna and is opposed to disharmony in Earth
Trigram shadow resulting from Rajas activity in Thunder
Trigram as opposed to enlightenment in Heaven Trigram. This
harmony is supported by a Dharma in Eldest daughter
supportive of the pure integration of Middle Son Yang.
Hinduism and Christianity follow the road of Platonism that
seek the One that is the God of Harmony and love in the
orderly wisdom of reason and justice and the law of God, the
Holy Spirit, Santa Sophia, expressed in the phenomenology of
the Christ Logos as the word of wisdom, the creative expression
of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Eternal Christmas of the
Heart. In Hinduism, this is often Buddha, Krishna, as the avatar
of the one Brahman Vishnu whole in middle son yang. In Islam,
it is the submission of the monad of thought to the law and
order of the One, of the Psyche to the Nous to the Hen One
integration of all things in the Sufi One Allah.
The idea is simple, the jiva soul chooses love or hate, Maya or
Brahman, attachment in Maya or detachment in Nirvana. If it
chooses love it becomes a Buddha, a Christ, an avatar of the
Vishnu Brahman One, it enters into the spirit of the Prophet of
Allah and Allah’s holy Dharma Wisdom.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, August 29th 2012,
The Earth Trigram is a product and a fruit. Seeking integration
in Earth Trigram is a false path. It is the path of the graven
image as idol or divisive holy book. There is no physical word
that can match the Wind Ideal. Nothing in the world of
objective form, nothing in the finite can do anything but limit
the infinite, no shadow can become its source. Letters in ink
and stone corrupt and become false and untrue. Only the
fleshy tablets of the heart can receive the messages of love.
Only the sattva guna is pure, all things tamas are necessarily a
source of suffering and pain, particularly when used as final
goals or sources of inspiration.
Allan Ralph Andrews, August 29th 2012, Bakersfield, CA.
We are supposed to seek the simplest explanation of the
observed. But, that it science and not philosophy. Scientists do
not make good philosophers. They are different disciplines.
Science belongs to the Earth Element, the materialist temper,
Religion to the Water and the symbolist temper, Metaphysics
to the Air Element and the classical temper, Design to the Fire
element and the Cubist temper. Metaphysics is not physics.
Metaphysics is a question of what Eternal Object casts the
shadow that creates the world of finite Actual Occasions that
must be explained by the simplest explanation of the observed,
even when the infinite flux that is its source is creating
something that is not simple at all.
The solution is the I Ching, the Hegelian dialectical explanation
of the Metaphysical complementarity of Kant’s Antimonies in
the Critique of Pure Reason. The simple complements the
complex, the necessary and the contingent, the open and free
and the closed mechanism, the infinite source and the finite
product. This is the simplest possible explanation of the large
picture where the complex and the finite complement and
supplement the finite and the simple. It is the improbable that
is make probable as the product of the infinite flux generated
out of the yang of neither created nor destroyed energy and
weightless universal and eternal structure and system and
information potential. The Platonic Pythagorean notion of ideal
pattern is the adaptive peak generated out of the endless
systems cycle of mutation in Heaven Trigram, set points in
Wind, natural selection, competition, and extinction in Flame
and speciation and system input in Mountain. System
homeostasis and replication in Water Pit Abysm and
recombination and population relationships in Lake.
Phenotypic results in Earth and maladaptive expressions in
Thunder subjective to evolutionary pressures from Flame.
Thus, the entire system of systems is itself subjected to an
evolutionary pressure resulting in a mathology.
In this mathology, eldest son yang is calculus and eldest
daughter yin is logic, middle son yang is manifold integration
and middle daughter yin is geometry, youngest son yang is
imaginary and complex number theory and youngest daughter
yin is statistics. Irrational numbers connect Heaven Trigram
infinite and infinitesimal number theory to Flame Trigram
topology and functions and operations connect Flame Trigram
to probability theory in Thunder which connects through
positive numbers and exponents to group theory in Lake which
connects though unknown numbers to the infinite source in
Heaven. Heaven connects thorough transcendental to algebra
in Wind Trigram which connects though algebraic formula to
set theory in Water Pit Abysm, which connects though
summation with group theory in Lake and through rational
numbers with arithmetic in Earth and through real numbers
and natural numbers with probability in Thunder and through
known numbers with trigonometry in Mountain which connects
through negative numbers and roots with algebra in Wind and
through fractions with topology in Flame.
Now these sequences can be improved on and are not perfect.
It shows how classical relationships can provide the necessary
skeleton for the evolving structure that emerges in Earth and
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, California, September 3rd
Labor Day, Monday, 2012
Let us try the mathology in a different way. Suppose elder son
yang is differentiation, middle son yang is integration and
younger son yang is imaginary number theory, framing a
Heaven Trigram of higher order number theory and calculus.
Suppose elder daughter yin is logic, middle daughter yin is
geometry, and youngest daughter yin is statistics, framing a
Earth Trigram of scientific measurement and arithmetic. Then
let Heaven Trigram calculus become Flame Trigram topology
through irrational numbers and Flame become Thunder and
probability through number operations and Thunder become
group theory in Lake through exponents and logs and Lake
become calculus in Heaven through unknowns. Let
trigonometry in Mountain become arithmetic in Earth through
known numbers and Earth become set theory in Water Pit
through rational numbers and become algebra in Wind through
formulas and solutions and proofs and become trigonometry in
Mountain through irrationals. Let Mountain enter Flame
through negative numbers and fractions and Water Pit enter
Lake thorough sums of positives and Heaven enter Wind
through complex numbers and transcendental and Earth enter
Thunder through real and natural numbers.
As you trace an ancestral link you move deeper and deeper
from fact to myth and knowledge to guess and from finite time
and space toward the boundless. In terms of African
Philosophy, see reference elsewhere, it is the Zamani of the
Dreamtime and the Sasa of the here and now, it is the Infinite
Game of Carse against the Finite Game, the Right Hemisphere
against the Left, all of the quantum possibilities and alternative
worlds and the particle location in the scope of your locating
equipment. As you go backward, you go further into the
dreamtime possible where all distant ancestors and gods dwell.
There are links that connect my ancestors with Jesus and with
Thor and with Adam and with Troy and Aphrodite and Zeus. In
a sense, these links are as accurate and true as any other. My
ancestry connects me with any dream any human ever
The Shaman of Native America, of Carlos Castaneda’s Journey
to Ixtlan, walks along the path between the finite and the
infinite, the real and the possible. He is a Wolf, a coyote, a
trickster animal that takes the color and shape he chooses as he
weaves between fact and dreams through quantum possibility.
He navigates a path through Flame and Mountain, Water Pit
and Lake in order to control the interface between Heaven and
Wind and Earth and Thunder. The Fire Path that is Flame
belongs to the Sun and the individual and the Water Path
belongs to the Moon and the community. The Air Path belongs
to the Sky and the Earth path belongs to the Soil. The Sky is the
source and the ideal and the soil is its fruition in the world.
The Earth is the place of fear and anger and hate rooted in fear.
It comes from the disintegration of the One as it enters the
limited world. Prayer, meditation, any return to the place of
the One in the Air Element will bring peace and compassion and
gratitude and forgiveness. Active promotion of this peace and
gratitude and compassion will bring joy. It is the Nirvana of the
Buddha, the Cit Sat Ananda of the Hindu Brahman One. It is the
form of the good and the Sun of the good emerging from the
One as it becomes mind and holy wisdom in the Nous and
becomes Buddha, and Mohammed, and Moses, and Jesus, and
Confucius, and Socrates, and Ernest Holmes, and Emerson, and
Ghandi, and Krishna, in the various Psyche and Pneuma that are
the avatars of the Vishnu One entering into the infinitesimal
phenomenological atom of the conscious now out of the finite
integration of the everything one. The One is symbolized
mathologically in pi as the curving integration of all circles and
spheres, including the boundless sphere of everything that is
Nirvana Allah Brahman. Its manifestation in the magical
moment of awareness as Krishna Buddha Jesus Socrates,
emerging from the Cave in which it was crucified by the finite,
the magical monad of phenomenological inexistence is the
imaginary number (i). The wisdom that centers it is the zero
point of the endless energy progress of Heaven Trigram in e.
The 1 and the (=) are the balancing opposites in Earth Trigram,
1 as the disintegration of existence into numbered parts and pi
as its integration into the calculus of the whole. 1 is pain and pi
is pleasure. (i) is awareness of the now and (=) are the complex
axial systems and normal curves that associated it with the
world of natural and real numbers, the external and objective
expression of the hidden realm of subjectivity and dreams. In
all of this e is the energy base that is emerging from
nothingness and (0) is the center upon which the whole is
coordinated, the trigonometric and analytic geometric center of
all information and mathological wisdom formulas. These are
the oldest son yang e and the oldest daughter (o) yin, the
middle son yang (pi) and the middle daughter (1) yin, the
youngest son yang (i) and the youngest daughter yin (=) that
coordinate the system of infinite in Heaven Trigram and the
finite in Earth, open in Flame, closed in Water Pit, simple in
Mountain, complex in Lake, necessary ideal Form of the Good
in Wind, and shadow contingency in Thunder and evolution as
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, September, 5th 2012
The Fire Path is a dangerous path when it is not infused with
spiritual energy from Air and Heaven. This can be seen in the
narcissistic paranoia that seems to infuse much of the activity
associated with Carlos Castaneda in his later years. But, as we
have written elsewhere, all spiritual ideology has the danger of
becoming a socialized structure of associated personality
Islam tends to support the dependent disorder and Christianity
supports the borderline split between good and bad, heaven
and hell. Protestant Christianity tends to the histrionic, and
New Age to the narcissistic, and New Age drug cults and racism,
Aryan Brotherhood, toward the sadistic and antisocial. Even
atheism and agnosticism can be negativistic. Jainism tends
toward paranoid suspicion of the material and Hinduism tends
toward the eccentric and schizotypal, Buddhism to the
withdrawn and Schizoid. Chinese religion, like Daoism, can be
avoidant and passive. Religions based on books and laws can
be compulsive as in Orthodox Herbrew practice, some forms of
Orthodox Islam and Christianity can be masochistic, the suicide
bomber is an example.
Paranoia lies on the interface of Wind and Mountain and
narcissism on the cusp of Mountain and Earth. Earth becomes
Thunder in the histrionic and Flame in the antisocial, Water Pit
in the dependent. Water Pit becomes Wind in the compulsive
and Lake is the masochistic. Lake becomes Thunder in the
borderline and Heaven in the avoidant. Heaven becomes Wind
in the schizoid and schizotypal in Flame. Flame becomes
sadistic in Mountain. Schzoid is the opposite of histrionic and
schizotypal of dependent, compulsive of antisocial, and sadistic
of masochistic and paranoid of borderline, avoidant of
narcissistic. Narcissistic is the known number and avoidant is
the unknown. Dependent is the rational and schizotypal is the
irrational. Sadistic is the negative fraction and masochistic is
the positive sum. Paranoid is the root and borderline is the
exponent. Antisocial is the operation and compulsive is the
Mountain is impressions and trigonometry and analysis, but
Lake is post impressions and group theory and synthesis. Wind
is classical ideals and algebra and Thunder is expressionism and
probability. Heaven is romanticism and calculus and Earth is
realism and arithmetic measurement. Flame is cubism and
topology and Water Pit is set theory and the baroque. Heaven
is magical and subjective and Earth is scientific. Wind is
idealized and metaphysical and Thunder is practical and
economic. Flame is experimental and artistic and Water Pit is
rational and legalistic and political. Mountain is philosophic
and analytical and Lake is ideological and sentimental and
literary. Heaven is ritual and Earth is fact. Wind is moral and
Thunder is entertaining. Flame is adventurous and Water Pit is
disciplined. Mountain is thoughtful and Lake is devoted. To
everything there is a season.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Sept 5th 2012
In this system everything is at once mortal and immortal,
changes and does not change. The pursuit of immortality is the
need of the genes and of the body as part of their competition
for status in the finite game. It is not a spiritual need, it is a gift
of the spiritual condition. Entrance into dreamtime, into
spiritual awareness is entrance into immortal compassion, into
the spiritual equivalent of pi, of the endless infinitely
dimensional boundless sphere endlessly extending itself in the
integration of all disintegrated things, thus healing all passion
by changing fear and anger and hate into the energy of love
and joy, resurrecting the dead from their suffering and pain and
restoring them, saving them into the middle son of Heaven that
heals all suffering and endless conquers death and pain,
through the action, the enlightenment, the prophecy of the
youngest son. Christ mind, Buddha mind, Krishna mind,
Pythagoras, Confucius, Socrates Mind, Muslim Sufi surrender to
Allah mind, Moses surrender to Jehovah mind, is that endless
saving joy and love and peace. You do not win it, gain it, earn
it, you accept it as a gift, the real meaning of the grace referred
to Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. It is the music of the spheres,
the harmony of the heavens, the endless praise of the One that
is the deep meaning of all things.
Eldest son yang, is the Father in the sense that energy in Shiva
begins all creation, middle son yang is the Holy Spirit that
integrates this in the endless whole that allows the youngest
son yang to emerge as an avatar, as an Aslan the Lion in the
Narnia of the improbable that the infinite Vishnu energy flux of
Shiva makes probable. The seed, the logos, the word
stimulated by that improbability enters into the womb of Santa
Sophia, of Holy Wisdom that is eldest daughter yin, the law of
Gods mind, the mathematical potential in all things. This is
Mary the perfect virgin, the pure zero point Dharma virtue.
This is Isis, eldest daughter, who bears Horus, who bears the
son in middle daughter which saves the world in youngest
daughter, it is the manifestation of the logos in the
mathematics of eldest daughter yin reflected in the quantum
mechanics of middle daughter and the space time relativity of
youngest daughter, an evolution stimulated by entropy and
energy thermodynamics in eldest son yang.
Allan Ralph Andrews, September 5th, 2012, Bakersfield, CA
Eldest son yang stimulating eldest daughter yin to generate the
improbable good out of the infinite flux of middle son yang
everything becoming youngest son yang nothing is also the
Father in Eldest son yang becoming middle son yang everything
and the son in middle son yang everything becoming the
improbable miracle of grace in youngest son yang and the holy
spirit as youngest son yang becomes the logos that awakens
the nous of santa Sophia in youngest daughter yang to
generate the completion of all things in the Hen One of middle
son yang.
Suffering in middle daughter yin disintegration is the first step
of powerlessness. Joinging the group in alcoholics anonymous
and coming to believe in its power to restore you to sanity
brings us to younest daughter yin and the second step, rising to
the sanity of reason in eldest daughter yin is the third step and
to the acceptance of this grace in youngest son yang is the
tenth and meditation and prayer to the middle son yang whole
is the eleventh and the twelve step is working the program in
eldest son yang energy and eldest daughter yin program.
Taking inventory in Mountain Trigram and sharing it in Water
Pit, becoming ready in Flame and giving it up in Lake Trigram
are the 4th, 5th 6th and 7th , the 8th is making a list in Mountain
and Flame and restitution in Water Pit and Lake. These six
steps prepare you to move from the finite in 1 and 2 and 3 to
the infinite source in 10 and 11 and 12.
Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, September, 29th 2012
The conscious mind must constantly suffer and die in youngest
son yang as it attaches and detaches from the body in middle
daughter yin and the world in youngest daughter yin. There is a
life in the body of middle daughter and a continuation in the
associations and astral bodies and reincarnation and astrology
of youngest daughter, but the Buddhists are correct, this
immortality is all suffering in the middle daughter body and no
self in the youngest daughter space time world and flux in the
eldest son power. True salvation lies in the middle son nirvana
one which binds the youngest son back to the power that is
eldest son and wisdom and kingdom that is eldest daughter
generating the Heaven Trigram of the infinite and the Wind
Trigram of the Good and the Glory of Father Heaven becoming
Mother Wisdom Wind Trigram on the Mount Meru that is the
adaptive peak of all things.
November 11th 2012 Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA