Criminal Law Definitions Task:
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Find the term that most closely matches the following definitions or statements (the wording may
not be exactly the same as in the dictionary, you will have to think) and write answer in the space
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1. Reason to commit a criminal act
2. Words or actions that could cause a reasonable person to
behave irrationally or lose self-control
3. Failing to pay attention to the possible injuries that might result
from an action
4. A defence raised by the accused claiming that he or she was
somewhere else when the crime was committed
5. Law that deals with offences against society
6. The right of the Crown or defence to exclude someone from a jury
for a particular reason
7. A killing that is planned and deliberate, is the result of a contract,
causes the death of a peace officer, or occurs during the
commission of another serious crime
8. A court order designed to prevent unlawful arrest by ensuring that
anyone detained is brought before a court within a reasonable
amount of time; Latin for “you must have the body”
9. Release of an inmate, on a promise of good behaviour, into the
community before the full sentence is served
10. Latin phrase meaning “a wrongful action”
11. The killing of another human being, either directly or indirectly
12. The defence that the accused was forced by the threat of
violence to commit a criminal act against his or her will
13. Latin phrase meaning “a guilty mind”
14. The desire to commit a wrongful act for its own sake, with no
ulterior motive or purpose
15. Knowing certain facts, which provides the necessary mens rea
for an offence
16. Any culpable homicide that is not murder or infanticide
17. The first step toward committing the crime (after preparation)
18. Serious crimes that carry more severe penalties than summary
conviction offences
19. Imprisonment for a specified period of time
20. A statement given under oath, informing the court of details of
the offence
21. A state of mind in which someone desires to carry out a wrongful
action, knows what the results will be, and is reckless regarding
the consequences
22. Offences that are punishable as indictable or summary offences
23. Encouraging another person to commit a crime
24. Wilfully destroying or damaging property or data, interfering with
the lawful use of property or data, or interfering with any person in
the lawful use of property or data
25. A sentence of less than 90 days that may be served on
weekends and at night
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Criminal Law Definitions Task