Chemistry Midterm Study Guide:
Name: _________________________________
Multiple Choice Section (50 questions):
1. Identify the number of sig figs in a given measurement: 5
2. Add, subtract, multiply, divide measurements, rounding to the correct place or to the correct number of sig figs: 5
3. Understand that every measurement includes 1 “estimated” digit and the remaining digits are all sig figs: 1
4. Density: Given density and mass, calculate volume: 1
5. Density: Given volume and mass, calculate density: 1
6. Density: Given a graph of mass on the y-axis and volume on the x-axis, calculate the slope (slope = density): 1
7. Write the formula when given the name of a molecular compound: 1
8. Understand that molecular substances are composed of nonmetallic elements: 1
9. Write the name when given the formula of a molecular compound: 1
10. Understand that atoms share electrons in covalent bonds in order to attain a full octet and to be stable: 1
11. Identify a polar molecule when given a list of formulas: 1
12. Identify the number of “dots” a given element has when given the name of the element: 1
13. Identify which compound has covalent bonds when given a list of formulas: 1
14. Write the formula of an ionic compound when given its name: 1
15. Name a given formula of an ionic compound: 1
16. Identify a compound that is not ionic from a list of given formulas: 1
17. Identify the presence of an ion with a specific charge, from a list of given formulas that show use of the ion with
several different charges: 1
18. Identify how a given group (column) of elements forms ions: 1
19. Identify how a given atom forms an ion: 1
20. Identify from a list of formulas which is incorrectly written: 1
21. Describe the how two elements form ions when they react to form an ionic compound: 1
22. Identify which orbitals (s,p,d,f) are not found in a given principal energy level.
23. Identify an element from a given abbreviated electron configuration: 1
24. Identify a correct statement about the process of writing an electron configuration: 1
25. Name an acid from its given formula: 1
26. Identify a formula from a given acid’s name: 1
27. Identify the type of reaction from a given chemical equation: 4
28. Balance a given chemical equation: 5
29. Identify the number of atoms of a given element found in a given formula in balanced chemical equation: 1
30. Re-write a given word equation as a balanced chemical equation in order to identify a coefficient and symbol for a
specific chemical in the equation: 1
31. Predict the products of a given set of reactants in a single replacement reaction: 1
32. Predict the products of a given set of reactants in a double replacement reaction: 4
Short Answer section: 3 questions (25 pts.)
1. 10 pts: Given the formula for one molecular compound and one ionic compound:
A. Name each. B. Identify which one is molecular and which one is ionic. C. “Describe their composition in regard
to types of atoms” [This means, identify each atom as being a nonmetal or a metal]. D. “Explain the method of
bonding for each compound. Keep in mind what happens to the valence electrons during bonding.” [This
means identify whether the bonding in the compound is based on shared pairs of electrons or on a loss/gain
of electrons.]
2. 10 pts: Given a word equation, write the balanced chemical equation, include phase notation for each substance,
and identify the type of reaction.
3. 5 pts: For a given formula, draw the Lewis dot diagram, identify its shape and molecular polarity.