Roosevelt Newsletter May 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians
May 13, 2015
The days are getting longer and we only have six weeks left in the school year. There are many exciting
activities between now and the end of the school year so please remember to ask your son or daughter
for information that is being sent home.
We had a school assembly with Ann Glover to learn about using strings to tell stories. Students were
given a string and taught about string safety, string cleanliness and how to use the string.
Our literacy groups will finish at the end of May and students will return to their regular classrooms for
June. Staff will Benchmark all students during the first two weeks of June so that we can see their
growth throughout the year.
Parking Lot – please do not park in the fire lane when dropping off students and keep an eye out for
NID - Friday, May 15th is a non-instructional day and there is no school for students.
Victoria Day – Monday May 18th is a holiday and there is no school for staff and students.
Watch Me Read-Watch Me Grow Home Reading Program” – May 19th –June 9th students are
encouraged to read each night. Students will be bringing home all the information on Thursday.
Teddy Anderson – Wednesday May 20th - world-renowned First Nations hoop dancer at the Lester
French Immersion Pals – Thursday May 21st is the final Pals session for F. I. Kindergarten students.
Talent Show –Friday May 22nd at 1:30 in our gym.
Jump Rope for Heart – during DPA on Monday, May 25th students will be participating in a variety of
jumping activities. There is a donation jar in the office.
Welcome to Kindergarten – Tuesday May 26th 3:15-4:30 for all students entering Kindergarten in
September 2015.
Grade 5 PRMS Visit – Wednesday May 27th 6:30 – 7:30, Future Grade 6 students and their families are
invited to attend a “Welcome to PRMS Night” at Prince Rupert Middle School.
Sheila Wells, Principal
Andrée Michaud, Vice Principal
I have read this newsletter and would like my child to be entered into the Friday May 22, 2015 draw.
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