Title I Newsletter
Trimester 1
What is Title I
Lear North- Mrs. Greiner
Title I Reading Programs are funded by the Federal Government. The
North Ridgeville City School District has implemented this program in
grades K-2 to facilitate student progress in reading and writing. Research
suggests that targeted instruction in literacy skills can support the
development of successful readers and writers.
Hello 1st grade families! We have
been working very hard here in
Title 1 this trimester, and I am
seeing amazing progress with
students and their reading
skills. Here are a few updates
from our classroom!
Students in the Title I program will receive additional literacy instruction
in a small group setting. This type of specialized instruction serves as a
support in reinforcing the skills that are being taught in the classroom.
Students that qualify for the Title I program will receive additional
instruction in reading and writing. The students will meet with the
building’s Title I teacher regularly.
Education Center- Miss Herzberger & Mrs. Fisher
We are off to a great start at the Ed
Center! We have been focusing on learning our
letters, sounds, and sight words! We have again
had a few changes to our program here at the Ed
Center. This year we welcome Ms. Fisher to our
program, she is working with the full day Title I
students in the morning before they go back to
their homeroom’s in the afternoon. I am with this
group for around an hour and a half each morning.
I have seen some wonderful progress in all our
students and am so proud of them! Keep reading!!
Lear North
St. Peter’s
Neely Fisher
Tara Greiner
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected][email protected]
Please review your
child's Title I progress
report, and don't hesitate to
contact me with any
I (along with classroom
teachers) have been
using iPads to enhance
instruction. The students
are enjoying learning games
such as blending sounds to
spell words, story and
comprehension activities as
well as using them to
complete the STAR Early
Literacy Assessment. They
are an amazing resource to
our building and
classroom! We have 120 iPads
in the building to enhance
The curriculum we use in
Title I Reading class is
called Leveled Literacy
Intervention by Fountas and
Pinnell. The program
incorporates guided reading,
comprehension strategies,
phonics instruction and
writing instruction using
both fiction and non-fiction
books. Your child brings
take-home books home, and
should be read at home and
returned the next day.
Remember: Title I Reading
Intervention does not replace
your child’s Language Arts
curriculum. It is an
intervention provided in
addition to the classroom’s
Language Arts curriculum.
Your child does not miss
Language Arts instruction in
his/her classroom to go to
Title I reading class.
If you want to look for
leveled books for your child,
a great website to visit is
Title I Newsletter
Trimester 1
Liberty- Mrs. Santarelli & Miss Barrett
Hello 2nd grade parents! The students
have been making great progress this
trimester. We have been using a guided
reading program called Leveled Literacy
Intervention (LLI). The students read
instructional and independent leveled
books. Students are working on their
writing skills in response to the
instructional leveled texts. We have a
few updates from our classrooms.
Please make sure to review your
child’s progress report, which will
go home with the report card.
On the progress report, you will find
your child’s guided reading level. To find
books that are appropriate for his/her
level, you can ask the librarian for help
or you could use this website:
(click on “Search by Reading Level”). If
you would like a list of books at your
child’s guided reading level, please feel
free to contact your Title I teacher.
Continue to have your child read
the take-home books with a family
Please work on students’ writing
skills. Have your child keep a journal at
home. To practice writing, your child can
also write a letter to a relative.
Enjoy the upcoming holidays. Make sure
your child reads over the break to help
keep the progress he/she has
this trimester.
Miss Barrett
([email protected]) and
Ms. Santarelli
([email protected])
St. Peter’s- Mrs. Parchem
St. Peter's School is well into the
second quarter already, and Title 1
students are making fantastic progress! In
first grade, students have mastered early
reading strategies including pointing
crisply to each word, reading up to 4 lines
of print on a page, and using first letters
and pictures clues to read new
words. The focus of instruction now is
building a sight vocabulary, continuing to
use letter/sound knowledge in reading and
writing, working with short vowels, and
demonstrating comprehension of
stories. Second graders have reviewed
long and short vowels, and are learning
strategies for reading longer words by
looking for known word parts and using
story context. They have also been
working on fluent reading. At all times,
the goal of reading instruction is good
comprehension of texts. I tell my students
that the first law of reading is that it
makes sense! The second law is that it has
to look right.
> As you read with your child, make it as
enjoyable an experience as you
can. When my daughter had difficulty
reading her classroom stories in first
grade, she and I would alternate reading
pages out loud and spend a few minutes
every day practicing sight words. This
same daughter is now in honors English
and wants to be an author, so don't give
up, and rest assured I won't either!

Trimester 1 Title Newsletter - North Ridgeville City Schools