Chapter 12.1 Quiz

Chapter 12.1 Quiz
1.) What is an astrolabe and why is it important?
2.) Name 3 things that explorers were in search of during this time period?
3.) Who controlled the trade, by water, between Europe and Asia?
4.) What group of merchants controlled trade, by land, between Europe and Asia?
5.) What were spices used for during this time?
6.) Why were spices sought after so much during the age of exploration?
7.) What is a group of traveling merchants called that travel from one location to another?
8.) How did government and politics change trade during this time period?
9.) What did Ptolemy contribute to exploration?
10.) What change/invention to ships change the way exploration occurred during this time period?
11.) Columbus sailed for a new world in what year?
12.) Who financed Columbus’ expeditions?
13.) What was the name of the island that Columbus first landed his ship?
14.) What two countries or regions did Columbus also land near or on?
15.) What two present day countries are located on Hispaniola?
16.) Amerigo Vespucci was known for what?
17.) What is another term for Spanish Conquerors?
18.) What was the native group of people that lived in these early places that Columbus found?
19.) Treaty of ___________ was signed by Spain and Portugal in 1494.
20.) What was Ferdinand Magellan’s main goal?
For the following chart, match the explorers to what they are known for during this time period.
-Magellan, Cabot, Columbus, Gama, Cartier, Verrazano
*Known For The Following
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
San Salvador, Cuba, Hispaniola
Sailed around Southern Africa, Route to Asia
Mapped Eastern Coast of North America
St. Lawrence River to Montreal
Sailed around the world