Exhibit 4.4.c.8: Utilizing Yearly Assessment System Update (YASU)/ Data Analysis Report
(DAR) for Analyzing and Using Data to Assess & Improve Candidates' Diversity
Proficiencies to Help All Students Learn
The required YASU/DAR template for all initial and advanced programs includes multiple
sections/prompts that require faculty to collect, analyze and use data to improve candidates'
diversity proficiencies to help all students learn. The three required parts of the YASU/DAR
Part I is the Yearly Assessment System Update (YASU) and contains four sections. Section I
asks for program demographics. Section II is a listing of the program assessments, including
information about type of assessment and when the assessment is completed within the
program’s sequence. Section III is a table that explains the alignment of assessments to program
standards. Section IV contains data tables, reporting results from assessments completed this
---Section 2 includes a required prompt addressing:
--Effects on Student Learning (Assessment that demonstrates candidate effects on student
---Section IV includes a section on Diversity Proficiencies
Part II is the Data Analysis Report (DAR) and is a narrative explanation of the program’s
explicit use of data to make program improvements.
Part III is program-specific responses to the revised Maryland Accreditation: Selected
Accountability Priorities from the Maryland Institutional Performance Criteria. (For
diversity, the Institutional Performance Criteria now include race/ethnicity, socio-economic
status, English Language Learners [ELL], giftedness and inclusion of students with special needs
in regular classrooms; English Language Learners [ELL], and giftedness.) Standard 4
specifically addresses how programs provide instruction in how to teach a diverse student
population and a detailed explanation how programs assesses proficiency.
For representative initial and advanced programs’ YASU/DAR (pertinent sections are noted by
page number), see:
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