Guidelines for Nominating Candidates for the 2015 Earl P. McFee Award
Nominations for the Atlantic Fisheries Technologist Conference’s Earl P. McFee Award
( are now open. To be considered, candidates must:
1. be an active AFTC Member (attended at least once since 2009) or Emeritus Member, and
2. submit the completed Nomination Form to the McFee Award Jury Chair before 30 June 2015.
Qualifications Criteria:
Selection of the AFTC Earl P. McFee Award winner is a unique professional distinction that shall be
conferred only on a living person, at the time of selection, with outstanding and extraordinary
qualifications and experience with respect to his or her overall contributions in the field of seafood
science and technology. The nominee must be an active or Emeritus Member of AFTC for at least 10
years. However, if the nominee is an AFTC Member from outside the United States or Canada, the
McFee Award Jury may waive the 10-year requirement.
In addition, the nominee must have attained distinction as measured by performance over a period of
10 years. The judging will be based on the following criteria:
 Contributions to the profession of seafood science and technology in industry, academia,
government, and/or related organizations. Contributions may include but are not limited to:
research achievements, as evidenced by publications, patents, and presentations; industry
achievements, such as research management; innovative product and/or process development;
inventions or patents; and enhancements in safety and quality systems.
 Honors, awards and other evidence of recognition within the profession.
 Other evidence of leadership and achievements within the profession. For example: the
organization of, or participation in conferences; service on industrial, academic, governmental,
and/or on international committees; training programs; internal or external advisory activities; and
promoting participation in AFTC activities.
 Service to AFTC. This includes participation in national or regional AFTC-related activities. In the
case of a member residing outside the United States or Canada, service will be considered in
other seafood association’s lieu of or in addition to service to AFTC.
McFee Award Jury: Selection of the Earl P. McFee award winner is decided by a jury of McFee award
winners from the three most recent AFTC meetings with the most distant award winner serving as
chair. The McFee Award Jury solicits nominations from active AFTC members and Emeritus members.
The Nomination Form: Must include the candidate’s name, title, current affiliation, most significant
contributions in seafood science and technology, previous recognitions, leadership, major
achievements and service to AFTC. The form should include the nominee’s curriculum vitae (limited to
six pages), and the signature of the nominating AFTC individual member. Incomplete nominations may
not be considered. The nomination write-up is limited to two pages.
Submission: Complete the nomination form using MS Word and send via email with 2015 McFee
Award Nomination as the subject line to Professor David Green at [email protected]

Nomination Guidelines