Canine Geriatric Bundle (without rabies)

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Canine Geriatric Health Care Bundle
(without Rabies)
$271.03 +HST
Our Canine Geriatric Health Care Bundles are designed to keep your dog healthy by providing
preventative care as well as early detection of diseases that may start to appear in your older canine
friend at a discounted price. This includes annual vaccinations, a full physical examination as well as
blood work that include blood collection, complete blood count, screening for liver and kidney disease,
diabetes and thyroid function within the year of registration.
A 10% discount is available for future medical or surgical procedures, including medications and
Heartworm testing, within the year enrolled in our Canine Health Care Bundle. This does not include
diets, after hours Emergency Veterinary Care or out of office specialist appointments.
Included Services
One complete physical examination with administration of a yearly DA2PP/Lepto vaccine
Blood collection and Senior wellness blood analysis
4DX Heartworm snap test (includes testing for Lyme disease, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia)
Stool sample analysis for internal parasites
Total Cost for all services listed above at regular price would be $318.84 +HST
We are offering these services to you at a discounted price of $271.03 +HST.
This offer must be paid in full at time of initial visit.
This is a savings of $54.02 as well as discounts on additional services
provided throughout the year of our Health Care Bundles
Unfortunately this Bundle is not refundable or transferrable.
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