Flag Homework

Dear Parents,
Fun facts: Texas is one of five states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, and
Arkansas) that recognizes Celebrate Freedom Week and it is
celebrated the week of September 17th, the date the constitution was
signed. It is to emphasize the teaching of the country’s origins with an
emphasis on the founding documents.
In first grade, we are recognizing “Celebrate Freedom Week” and as a
fun homework project, each student will create an American Flag using
various items or materials found at home. Some examples of such
materials might be cotton ball, marshmallows, licorice, yarn, etc. Make
sure the flag begins with the red stripe at the top, and it contains a
total of seven red stripes and six white stripes. It should be no larger
than 18x22”. This will be a great opportunity to show creativity!
Please send the flag no later than Friday, September 18th.
Thank you very much!
The First Grade Teachers