SSO - 2/8/2016
SSO Constitution
Article I
TTU/HHMI Scholar Service Organization (TTU/HHMI SSO)
Article II
Our purpose is to advance the pursuit of knowledge and education in the sciences
by promoting undergraduate research opportunities and facilitating HHMI research and
science education projects.
Article III
Membership includes all accepted TTU/HHMI scholars. Members must pay annual dues
of $5.00. With payment of these dues, a member automatically conforms to a no-alcohol
policy. This policy states that no alcohol will be consumed by any persons at any SSO
business meeting or business event. All members must attend at least 6 of the 12
scheduled meetings. Failure to meet these requirements will be grounds for dismissal at
the Executive Committee's discretion.
Article IV
List of officers and respective duties
-overseeing and running meetings
-scheduling meetings
-acting as the group representative
-being the liaison to the advisor and external functions
-serving as publicist by informing the public and The University Daily
-overseeing and assigning duties for any special projects
-assisting the President in duties
-acting as President in case of absence
-chairs and oversees special projects assigned by the President
-oversees chairpersons and the work of all committee
-keeping and distributing all pertinent information to officers and members
-maintaining accurate membership lists with correct contact information
-maintain records of and inform members of all demerits
-maintaining thorough organizational files and records, including
minutes, etc...
SSO - 2/8/2016
-preparing the annual budget from dues collected and ensuring the organization
adheres to that allotted budget
-reporting regularly to the Executive Committee and members on financial
-taking pictures at SSO functions
-keeping a scrapbook of SSO functions
Elections and Terms:
 The Treasurer and Secretary will each serve a one semester term with no term
 The President and Vice-President will serve one year terms with no term limits.
 All persons running for office should be in "good standing". Terms of "good
standing" are stated and defined in the By-Laws.
 Positions are to be filled by secret ballot via email.
 The election for the office of secretary, treasurer, historian and president will be
held in April with the terms starting in July.
 The election for the office of secretary, treasurer, and vice-president will be held
on election Tuesday in November with the terms starting in January.
Article V
Meetings will be held as determined by the executive board of officers and announced via
Article VI
Proposed activities
-social events to bring together members and mentors
-plan and arrange annual Science Day
-participate in tutorials for TTU science students
-serve as forum for project presentations
-recruit future applicants for the HHMI Undergraduate Research Program
at TTU sponsored events
Article VII
Advisor's responsibilities
-assisting student officers and committee chairs with administrative
-providing additional support from related campus departments
-meeting regularly with Executive Committee to discuss organizational
matters and to relay and update information
-plan and provide refreshments for meetings
Article VIII
Amendments to the constitution shall be adopted through a proposition, a second,
and a 2/3 vote of the members present at a given meeting.
SSO - 2/8/2016
Membership: All accepted scholarship students are eligible for membership so long
as they stay in “good standing”. If any member does not meet the criteria listed below, they will
be considered not in “good standing”. That person’s standing within the program will be
considered when scholar renewal applications are submitted.
-meeting SSO project requirements
-paying dues within an adequate time frame, set by the executive committee
-acknowledging the TTU/HHMI Science Education Program in publications
-meeting the set forth requirements for attendance of meetings
Dues: Each member must pay a $5.00 due, no more than once per school year, that will be
added to the special occasions fund. Each member will be required to pay the same amount
should the special occasions fund diminish to $0. Failure to pay the dues by the time set forth by
the executive committee will result in the student not being in good standing.
Officer Resignation: In the special event that an officer, for some reason, cannot
perform his/her duties, a special election will be held to elect a new officer. This
election will be called by the President, and will be by secret ballot. A candidate
must receive a majority vote of the members present at the election meeting to
fill the vacant office.
Addition or Amendment to the By-Laws: Any addition or amendment to the
By-Laws shall be adopted through a proposition, a second, and a majority vote of
members present at a given meeting.

SSO Constitution-ByLaws