President-Jeanne Bulkley * Vice President-Cindy Soppe* Treasurer-Rita Snodgrass * Secretary-Dana Ingalls
Happy Summer everyone! I think it is here with a bang. Hope everyone had some good rains and not too
much, I know a bunch of you were flooded and the rains came at a bad time for pasture lambing but hope the
losses were bearable. Seems like it is always a trade off of some sort, at least many will have grass to feed the
ones that made it. I know it is a really busy time for all of us so I will keep this short.
As you know some of the trials we had hoped for didn’t pan out. But we have had and are looking forward to
some fantastic trials this summer and fall. Joni had an excellent trial that I had the pleasure of being course
director for. It was a real learning experience and enjoyable weekend to watch those dogs work. My hat is off
to the crew that put on the trial and the handlers that ran their dogs on a big field. Letting us know how it is
done! Jamie’s trial is going on right now and sounds like a neat one too. Jamie says the sheep are challenging
but that is the way we like them. Dennis and Coup, Bud and Tyne, and Dennis Gellings and King are leading
after the first day. Good job all.
For upcoming trials we have Lennie’s in Bowman which has a fantastic list of dogs and has added one more
afternoon of running. I am rearing to go to that one! Then Joni has a nice evening and morning Nursery and
Pro Novice Trial the 10th and 11th of July for the youngsters. Soppe/Harlan’s trial and State Fair are fast
approaching also. Dale and I are going to put on a trial here at the ranch near Meeteetse on October 24 and
25th so please save the date for that. We have space for campers and lots of room. The trial will be held on
the hay meadow so we can keep them out of the cactus! I will post on FB and send out an email when details
are firmed up for this. Then in 2 weeks after the GAC is starting the first of the arena trials rolling on into our
first Gillette trial. We are going to be having so much fun this year. I really want to say how much I appreciate
the enthusiasm and activity of everyone who has put all these events together. Please go to the website and
check out the line up as there are many more trials I haven’t listed.
We are trying a new approach to helping people get into their dogs with a practical working day at David and
Cindy’s July 18-19. Should be really fun and educational for seasoned and unseasoned handlers. Please RSVP
to Cindy or David if you are planning on attending. Contact information is in this letter.
We have a fantastic surprise from Dana and Kenny Ingalls’ horse feed company. They are donating a large
time clock for use at our trials. That will be so neat for spectators and handlers alike. Also Dana is going to be
announcing for most of our trials! We would like for all handlers to fill out the sheet in this newsletter
regarding their dogs and their own experiences with trialing so Dana can personalize the information a bit.
The promotional money has been awarded for the year but please keep in mind that the application period for
the next spring awards ends in December 15 so get those apps in. We are doing another Silent auction with
the TV trays made by Barb Ross and Rita Snodgrass. Catch up and bid on those on Facebook and the website
or call Rita or me. The more money we get in our silent auction fund the more we can give back to help
members put on the events. Anyone who has an item that they would like to donate for the auction is very
welcome to do so. WSDA is a nonprofit organization so you can write off the donation.
Cindy is working on the State Fair and Kaycee is not having their trial at the Sheepherders Rodeo so there is no
conflict there. We should be able to get quite a few dogs to this. All you need for State Fair is a rabies
certificate so that is good. Cindy is also working on a trial in Laramie but that is up in the air yet. Rita has the
GAC lined up and Gillette is reserved as usual. As we won’t have a newsletter out before those thought I
better remind everyone.
We are gaining new members weekly and getting more enthused about all the possibilities. I am amazed at
the interest I find just visiting with people about dogs and what they can do for them on the ranch and how
many people say they really enjoy watching the dogs work. I tell them that is mild compared to being part of
the team and getting a tough job done with just you and your dog!
I would like to take a bit to ask that we all send healing thoughts to our people that are suffering illness this
summer. It is wonderful to see Penny and Rene out on the field with their dogs again. Sarah we are sending
all of our strength to you.
Well I promised I would keep this short and have failed miserably but maybe Dana will let me get away with
it! I want to thank my fellow board members for the great jobs they have been doing and all of the members
for being such a fantastic bunch to work with. See you on the course!
Jeanne Bulkley, WSDA President
Hello to all the WSDA members!! Stepping in as interim secretary has been a whirlwind. With field trials underway
and other WSDA events planned, keeping up with all the activities has been a challenge. Joan Finch, former secretary,
has been truly missed. Her dedication to the association is a huge part of its success today. WSDA hopes to see Joan
at some trials in 2015!!
The website, has a wealth of information regarding upcoming events, trial results, clinics, WSDA
by-laws, membership forms, and many other items. We are on Facebook at Wyoming Stock Dog Association too!!Take a
look at the promotional items being offered. These items are used to get funds to promote the stock dog. Currently,
WSDA has a set of TV trays/stands with prints from Barbara Ross now open for bidding in a silent auction. Following
that, there will be a beautiful wool blanket offered in a raffle.
The last item offered was a crook designed by Richard Bailey. Mike Merriman was the last bidder for $200.00. WSDA
appreciates everyone that participated and will put the money to good use to promote our stock dogs.
Being a WSDA member enables you to join a group of people who really care about the direction of where the stock
dog is going. With expert handlers, clinicians, trials to show at, practical workdays, and just ordinary folks who love
working dogs on sheep, cattle, or both, WSDA is truly a great group of people. Membership applications can be found
online or just call me at 307-467-5456.
Let today be the start of a new journey with your stock dog!!
Good Luck to all in 2015!!
Dana Ingalls WSDA Secretary (Interim)
Common Sense Feeds, LLC, of Hulett, WY has purchased a time clock to be used at selective trials
and thus become a proud sponsor of the WSDA. The company makes a low starch, high fat horse feed
containing highly bioavailable chelated minerals from Albion Animal Nutrition. It is a safer feed with
less digestive upsets, i.e. colic. Contains a combination of stabilized flax, canola, lentils and provides
Omega 3 fatty acids. Chelates are not as likely to get “tied-up’ by antagonists potentially found in
feedstuffs and water like iron, sulfur and molybdenum. Economically priced—Affordable to feed.
Contact Info: or 307-467-5456.
June 26th& 27th: Northern Plains Sheepdog Trial, Bowman, ND Entries Closed. Spectators Welcome!! Contact Information: Trial
information: Jan Stebbins 701-523-5548 Entry Information: Shannon Fritz 701-872-4496
July 10th& 11th: Slash J Nursery/Pro Novice Trial, Clearmont, WY. Contact Information: Joni TIetjen 701-440-1730
[email protected]
July 11th: Powell Arena Trial, Powell, WY.
July 18th - 19th: David and Cindy Soppe, (Kaycee, WY), will have a practical working clinic. Please RSVP by July 13thif attending. What
a great opportunity to practice with your dog. Contact Information: David /Cindy Soppe 307-738-2248 [email protected]
July 25th: Sublette County Fair Arena Trial, Big Piney, WY. Contact Information: Laura Pearson 307-350-5640.
August 8th: Wyoming State Fair Trial, Douglas, WY Entries open July 1st and close August 1st. Contact Information: Cindy Soppe
307-738-2248 [email protected]
August 14th – 16th: Jack Knox Clinic, Big Piney, WY. Contact Information: Laura Pearson 307-350-5640.
August 22nd-23rd: Southern Big Horn Gathering Trial, Arminto, WY. Entries open July 1 st and close August 1st.Limited Entries. Contact
Information: David Soppe 307-738-2248 [email protected]
September 9th: Laramie Trial, Laramie, WY. Contact Information: Jeanne Bulkley 307-868-9990 [email protected]
October 24th -25th: Open Lock Ranch Trial, Meeteetse, WY. Contact Information: Jeanne Bulkley 307-868-9990
[email protected]
November 7th: GAC Trial, Casper, WY. Limited Entries. Please check website”” for updated information on
number of entries and trial dates. Contact Information: David Soppe 307-738-2248 [email protected] Brandi Forgey 307237-0050 [email protected] Rita Snodgrass 307-234-7583 [email protected]
November 14th, December 12th, and January 9th, 2016: Winter Trials, Gillette, WY. Contact Information: Jeanne Bulkley 307-8689990 [email protected]
By Bud Boudreau
Dear Fellow Handlers,
I would like to thank all of you that were part of those that donated so generously to Sarah and I at Joni and
Blake’s trial this spring. Especially Joni, Blake and the Tietjen family. You can’t imagine what a meaningful
gesture it was to us.
Sarah was quite moved by it. Some of you hadn’t got to see Sarah run her dog Dixie “back in the day”.
When she retired from a very long and successful career, playing French horn in the Italian Symphony, she
sold her horn and bought a pup. Dixie and began training her with a few Barbado sheep in the desert in
Nevada. She trialed in the West and Texas. In those days when there were darn few sheep that knew what a
dog was, we had many trials that the sheep were unpenable. When the days would wear on with really low
scores and no pens, up stepped Sarah and Dixie. With no signals or stops down the fetch they’d come at
whatever speed Dixie though was appropriate. Sarah never bothered teaching her to stop. Around the course
sometimes quite fast and other times a slow pace, and then at the pen, when no one else could, Sarah would
pick her spot on the rope and Dixie would smoothly put them in. Sarah didn’t know that you had to teach
gathering or penning. She was right with a dog like Dixie. They were quite a team.
The donation will sure be helpful with her medical bills.
Thanks Friends.
Bud and Sarah
A maximum of $600.00 per year of funds are available for distribution to our members for activities that
promote the working stockdog. These funds will be distributed in amounts of up to but not over $300.00 for
activities January through June and up to but not over $300.00 for activities July through December.
Promotional monies are available upon application from a current WSDA Member in good standing to promote
the working stockdog. Funding for these projects comes from fund raising activities that are being held each
year. If the fund raising projects do not raise enough money to supply the funds for the following year the
promotional monies will not be offered for that year or offered at a lower rate as the funds allow. If the funds
designated for that year are not applied for or awarded they will be carried over to the following year at the
discretion of the current board members.
In the first year of implementing this option, the organization will open up the application process for funds in
the amount of up to but not over $600.00 for any activities held during the year of 2015. A deadline date of
May 1, 2015 is set for the first year application to be submitted. A written request detailing how it will promote
the working stockdog, and the amount of money needed must be submitted to secretary Dana Ingalls at the
address listed below prior to the deadlines of December 15, for activities held during the following January
through June, and May 1, for activities held during the following July through December for all subsequent
Disbursements will be made when a detailed report (including copies of receipts) of the expenses are received
by the WSDA no later than four weeks following the closing date of the activity. The expenses will be presented
to the board for review and disbursement. Failure to provide a suitable accounting and receipts may result in a
revocation of the fund request.
The WSDA Board will notify the applicants of the Board’s decision within 45 days of the deadline dates.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity!! If
you are going to put on an event that will
promote the stockdog and would like to
apply for some of the funds available, fill
out the Promotional application found in
this newsletter.
For 2016:
Jan. – June 2016 period, the deadline is
December 15, 2015. July – December 2016
period, the deadline is May 1, 2016.
~Congratulations to Lennie Kempenich and David & Cindy Soppe
for receiving the first annual promotional funds!!~
Wyoming Stock Dog Association Application
Project Name: Please give the name of the activity for which funds are requested:
Dates: Please provide the starting and ending dates of the activity: Starting: _______________Ending: _____________________
WSDA Member Applicant/Contact Name: Member responsible for requesting the funds and to whom the funds should be sent
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Activity Description: Provide a detail description of the activity and how the funds will be used to put on the activity.
Benefits: Describe how the project will benefit the working Border Collie and further the goals of the WSDA.
I understand that any funds received for this project from the Wyoming Stockdog Association are to be used for the stated purpose
only. Any unused funds are to be returned to the Wyoming Stockdog Association. A final report, including copies of all receipts will
be provided to the Wyoming Stockdog Association no later than four weeks after the completion of the project.
Please submit your application to: Dana Ingalls, 153 Holmes Road, Hulett, WY 82720
Did I hear the announcer say that you did well at the last trial?
Yep, my handler filled out an information card so that she could let the audience
know my accomplishments and my lineage?
Wow how cool is that!! I wish my handler would fill one out because we work
really hard and he keeps talking about my lineage.
The form is in this newsletter. It can be emailed or filled out online.
I am going to make sure my handler gets one filled out.
Invite WSDA Members
JULY 18-19TH
115 Thom Road, Kaycee, WY
Starting at 3 pm (or later if hot outside) and will work until dusk and start up
early Sunday morning while cool.
We will have work in the corrals, alleyways, chutes and pastures- whatever you
may need to work your dogs. If we have enough interest, could run a mock trial
on Sunday. Let us know…
Please let us know your level of expertise, your dog’s level of training and what
you would like to get accomplished.
We will have a pot luck dinner Saturday night, we will provide the meat.
Breakfast will be on us!
Please RSVP – email- [email protected] or 307-738-2248 by July 13th!!
Email Address________________________________
Saturday, August 8, 2015
Entries open July 1, 2015
ENTRY DEADLINE: August 1, 2015
JUDGE: Steve Peterson
ANNOUNCER: Dana Ingalls
Only Rabies Certifications are needed to enter Fairgrounds.
Classes and Fees
Open (Sanctioned)
Open Ranch
Check payable to WSDA, mail to Rita Snodgrass, 600 N. Happy Glen Lane, Evansville, WY 82636
* Intermediate is only for handler and dogs that have not won the Intermediate class before.
**There is a two dog limit per handler / per class.
I have read and understand the attached 2015 Wyoming State Fair timed sheep dog trial guidelines and information.
In consideration that my dog(s) and I will be participating in the trial, I understand that I am responsible for any cost
incurred as a result of damages caused by me, my family or my dog(s) to facilities, animals or people. Trial Sheep are
valued at $300/head. I hereby agree to hold harmless Wyoming Stock Dog Association, Wyoming State Fair Grounds,
members, officers, livestock owners, volunteers and/or any other agents involved with this trial from any liability.
HANDLER’S SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________ DATE: ______________________
HANDLER’S NAME (Print): ________________________________________________________________________
MAILING ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL: _____________________________ HOME #: ______________________ CELL#: ______________________
We have all the cabins booked for the weekend, so let us know ASAP if you need a “bed”, we will be needing to “share”
lodging. -Willard Springs Lodge- 307- 459-0979, [email protected] Camping and meals available at Lodge
(approx. three miles from trial site) - no RV hook-ups. The Soppe's will pay $10 per handler towards the meal at the
Lodge Saturday night, so please join us!!!! RSVP!!!
RSVP meal
# People
circle one
Email address__________________________
I,___________________________, in consideration that I will be a participant in the Southern Big Horn Gathering, do hereby agree
that in the event of personal injury, damage to property or animals at this event, I will not hold any of the trial organizers, their
employees or workers responsible. Livestock injured or harmed during my participation at this event must be paid for by myself at
the time of occurrence.
CONTACT- DAVID SOPPE-307-738-2248 . Mail entries to David Soppe, PO Box 4, Kaycee, WY 82639. Will also take email [email protected] as long as we receive your payment before August 1 st.
Directions will be emailed when entries received.
Please check website “” for updates for GAC trial.
(Number of entries and trial dates will be confirmed on website.)

June 2015 Word - Wyoming Stockdog Association