Reading Passages
Graphic Organizers
General Resources for Reading and Writing:
 Reading Rockets: Reading and writing classroom strategies
 Utah Website with Grade Level Lesson Plans and Resources by standards
 Tennessee website with grade level resources by standard
 Primary Resources: Lesson Plans, activity ideas and resources (Word level, sentence level Fiction/nonfiction
text level, writing resources)
o Myths and Legends
o Fables and Parables
o Fairy Tales/Traditional Stories
o Playscripts
o Other genre
o Non-Fiction
o Instruction Texts (How to)
o Letters:
o Explanation Texts:
o Recount Texts:
o Personal Texts (biography/autobiography)
o Non-chronological Reports:
o Newspaper and Journalist Reporting:
o Persuasive Writing:
o Discussion Texts (includes argument, point of view)
o Formal Writing:
Books: Point of View
 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Scieszka
 Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport by Sharmat
 Yo! Yes? By Rashka
 Glasses: Who Needs ‘Em? By Babbitt
 John Patrick Norman McHennessey by Burningham
 The Giant and the Beanstalk by Diane Stanley
 Trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks! The Story of Jack and The Beanstalk as told by the Giant (Other Side of the
Story) Eric Mark Braun
 Seriously, Cinderella is So Annoying! The Story of Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother by Trisha Sue
Speed Shaskan
 Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks! The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear by Nancy Jean Lowen
 Voices in the Park DKPublishing
 Just Because: Where Seeing Another Point of View Makes a Better You (Flip Side Stories)
 (Other flip stories by Dr. Alvin Granowsky)
 Polar the Titantic Bear by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden
 Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg
 Livingstone Mouse by Pamela Duncan Edwards
 A Boy in the Doghouse by Betsy Duffy (Different chapters told from boy’s and dog’s point of view)
 Joyful Noise: Poems for 2 Voices by Paul Fleischman
Books: Narrative
 Zoom by Istvan Banyai
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox, illustrated by Julie Vivas
Snail Trail by Ruth Brown
Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth, illustrated by Chris K. Soentpiet
Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor, illustrated by Peter Parnall
If You Find A Rock by Peggy Christian, photographs by Barbara Hirsch Lember
If Rocks Could Sing: A Discovered Alphabet by Leslie McGuirk
The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs by Betty G. Birney, illustrated by Matt Phelan
The Treasure by Uri Shulevitz
Writing General
 Read Write Think: Classroom resources including lesson plans, student interactives , and printouts of graphic
organizers and more
 Primary Resources:
 Graphic Organizers for different types of writing:
 Writing Fix: Home of Interactive Writing
 EducationNorthwest Resources on 6-Traits: Student exemplars from Common Core Standards Appendix –
scored for writing standards AND 6 traits
 EducationNorthwest: Crosswalk between Common Core Standards and 6 Traits
 Six Traits of Writing and the Common Core Connection
Writing opinion/persuasive
 Primary Resources (L
 Spaghetti Book Club (Book Reviews by Kids)
 Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids:
 President Obama’s Speech to Students (Arlington, Virginia, September 8, 2009)
 Writing Fix: Persuasive Writing
Writing Informational
 Writing Fix: Expository/informational
Writing Narrative
 Writing Fix: Narratives
Differentiated Ideas for Language Arts:
Inside Out and Back Again. 2011. Thanhha Lai. New York: HarperCollins. 260pp.

Reading Passages Graphic Organizers