Save the Elephants by Monique

Save Elephants
I believe that elephants should not be trained this
way [using chains and claw-sticks].! I think they
should trained but not this way.
Some elephants in circuses get hit with a clawstick. Elephant hide is thick as bark on an ancient
tree, but a claw stick can pierces it like a leaf. Because
Stella was hit with the claw-stick it caused Stella to
Elephants should be fed correctly. Stella wasn’t fed
enough and her skin was baggy. Stella was only fed
a small amount of food, less than she would eat in
the wild. Elephants should be kept in Zoos instead of
circuses or in the wild in Africa. The elephants and
gorillas aren’t supposed to be held in a mall. In the
mall, the animals were treated poorly.
I do not believe elephants should be trained and
kept in circuses. They should be left in the wild to
roam free. If they are in a circus, they should be
moved to a zoo.