ALGIERS HISTORICAL SOCIETY Application for Membership

ALGIERS HISTORICAL SOCIETY Application for Membership
Thank you for applying for membership in the Algiers Historical Society. Dues are for the
calendar year from January 1st thru December 31st. Members who sign up for the current year
will receive all back copies of our quarterly newsletter “The Algerine” for the current year and
the remaining copies for the current year. Back issues will be sent to you by Email in PDF form
if we do not have leftover printed copies. We hope that you will choose to receive your future
copies of “The Algerine” by Email as well, as this saves the Society the expense of printing and
mailing copies.
Effective January 1, 2012 the dues are as follows:
Businesses: $30 per year. Includes membership and your business listed in each issue of our 24page newsletter “The Algerine” for the year. (Please include your business card with your
Individuals: $20 per year. Includes membership and copies of The Algerine for the year.
Military: For active members of the U.S. Military (including the Coast Guard, Reserve Forces
and the National Guard) and for those members who are retired or have 100% service-connected
disability, the fee is $15. (We love our Military!)
SPECIAL OFFER! A CD containing the first 30 issues of the newsletter “The Algerine” is
available to existing members for $15. For non-members, the price is $20.
|_| I am a current Member. Send me the CD for $15.
|_| I am not a Member, but send me the CD for $20.
|_| Enroll my business for the year 2012 and list it in “The Algerine” for $30.
|_| New Member for $20.
|_| New Military Member for $15
Name of Person or
City:_______________________________ State:_____ Zip:_________ Member No. If known:
I prefer to receive my copies of “The Algerine” via: |_| Email in PDF (OR) |_| USPS mail
(Your Email address is also important so that we can inform you of upcoming events and any
changes in meeting dates or locations, etc. We will NOT sell or trade your address to 3rd
parties.). Thank you for joining the Algiers Historical Society! PLEASE make your check
payable to the Algiers Historical Society and mail with the application form to:
The A.H.S. Membership Secretary, c/o 235 Lavergne St., New Orleans, LA 70114.
Total Amount Enclosed: $_________