The Politics of Protest week 4

The Politics of Protest [week 4]
International Solidarity with the
Algerian Revolution
In Algeria, French and Arabs are
condemned to live together or to
die together
- Albert Camus, L’Algerie dechiree (1955)
Roots of Algerian nationalist movement
- colony since 1830
- ‘pied-noir’ French
- French of North African origin
- calls for liberation post-WW2
- Algerian Revolution
Response of the state
-Socialist government
- Battle of Algiers
- The Jeanson Trial, September 1960
At this moment, bombs are being
planted in the trams in Algiers. My
mother could be on one of those trams.
If that is justice, I prefer my mother.
- Albert Camus
Key developments
-Jeanson trial
- Manifesto of the 121
- UNEF demonstration
- Large rallies, Oct 1961 – Feb 1962
‘Keywords’ (Evans)
- Resistance
- War
- Revolution
- Left
- Youth
The Belgian Influence
-Refuge for resistance
- ‘Concrete’ Aid
- The institutional dimension
- Distribution of information
-Problematic political memories
- Recall anti-Nazi resistance
- The road to 1968