General Studies and Religious Studies 2015/16
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 5
What is inside a church? Symbols,
cathedrals. Famous places of
Christian worship
Understanding the Christmas story.
Making a nativity scene. Hanukkah
Christianity. Celebrations and
festivals. All souls Day/ Diwali,
Ramadan, Eid- El –Fitr, Advent.
Chinese New Year. Shrove Tuesday.
Stories from the New Testament. Easter
stories and celebrations.
Fact finding: Muslims, Buddhists.
Prayers, Hymns Celebrations.
The first people
The great flood
Slavery in Egypt
The ten sayings
The Christmas Story
Judaism….The special relationship
between the Jews and God and the
promises they make to each other.
Christianity…Symbolism in the
Christmas story. What the story
means to Christians today.
Sikhism – How far would a Sikh go
for his/her religion?
Discussing concept of belonging
The Gurdwara/Langar
The 5 K’s
Guru Nanak
Christianity – Is the Christmas story
Birth of Jesus/Jesus grow up/ John
Baptises Jesus/ Jesus in the desert/Jesus
chooses disciples/Blind Bartimaeus/
Jesus and the storm/The Good Samaritan/
Jesus enters Jerusalem. / The Last
supper/Jesus dies and lives again.
Signs and Symbols in Religion
Everyday signs & symbols
How symbols helps us remember the past
Interpretation & meaning of religious metaphors
How do symbols help believers?
How are religious symbols used in places of worship?
How & Why do Hindus celebrate Diwali?
Judaism….How celebrating the Passover
and keeping food laws help Jews show
how they value their relationship with
Christianity….How the Easter story
teaches Christians about forgiveness
Hinduism - How can Brahman be
everywhere and in everything?
Introducing concept of Brahman
The Tri-Murti
Personal deities
Hindu stories
Christianity - Did God intend Jesus to be
crucified and if so was Jesus aware of this?
Judaism….Different ways Jews show their commitment to
Christianity…How important worship and going to church is
for a Christian.
New Year customs
Chinese New Year.
Lent. Stories from the Old Testament.
Judaism. Purim.Easter.
Weask-Buddist festival
Prayers and celebrations.
Sikhism – Are Sikh stories important today?
Guru Nanak and the Jasmine Flower
Guru Nanak, Malik Bhago and Lalo
The founding of the Khalsa
Guru Nanak and the Cobra
Christianity – What is the best way for a Christian to show
commitment to God?
Yr 6
Yr 7
Yr 8
Evaluating different accounts of the
Christmas story
Discussing how stories can be true
in different ways
Christmas around the world
Approach to life
 Open or closed mind?
 How do different religions
 Can we explain conflict in
the world?
Wealth & poverty
 Causes
 Examples from around the
 Multi-national companies
e.g. Nike
Science & religion
 Clash through history
 Copernicus
 The flood story
 Cain and Abel, Moses
 The work of Amnesty
Conflicts in the 21st century
 The causes
 Religion in conflict (Islam
and extremism)
 Results of conflict
 Ethics (profit -v- cure)
 Miracles of Jesus
Discussing ‘destiny’ and God’s plan for
Investigating the events of Holy Week
Evaluating evidence and points of view
Humans & the environment
 History
 Impact & examples
 The future
The Creation story
Discussing concept of commitment
The Ten Commandments
Holy Communion
Living in a community
 Exodus from Egypt
 Democracy in action
 Dictatorship
 Communism
 School life
Celebrity culture
 Role models
 The media shapes our lives
 Leadership
The Easter story
 Detail
 Relevance today?
Who is God?
 God in the Christian faith
 Other religions, e.g. Allah
Debate (establishing an argument)
 Capital punishment
 What is it/understanding it
 David & Jonathan
Pantheatism/different religions
 Martin Luther King
 Understanding
 Debate
Exam preparation