3.1 Assessment

Which of the following are exponential functions? 1.

A) y=x 8 B) y=x 3 C) y=3 x D) y=x √x 2.


A) y=5 A) y=x x √x B) y=3 -2x B) y=50 x C) y=x 3 C) y=-2 3 D) y=15 3 D) None 4.

Determine a formula for the exponential function whose values are given below: X -2 -1 0 1 2 F(X) 6 3 3/2 ¾ 3/8 A) B) C) F(x)=2/3 (2) x F(x)=3/4 (3) x F(x)=3/2 (1/2) x D) F(x)=3/2 (3/4) x Find the correct transformation of graph f into the graph g and also match with the correct graph. (Blue line is original graph, red line is the shift) 5.

F(x)=2 x ; G(x)=2 x-3 A) Move down three units

B) Move up three units C) Move right three units D) Move left three units 6.

F(x)=4 x ; G(x)=4 -x A) Flip over x-axis B) Flip over y-axis

C) Flip over origin D) Move down one 7.


x ; G(x)=0.5

x +4 A) Move up 4 units B) Move left 4 units C) Flip over origin D) Move right 4 units


The number B of bacteria in a petri dish culture after t hours is given by the equation: B=100e 0.693t

Find how many bacteria are present after six hours. A) 7486 bacteria B) 4573 bacteria C) 6364 bacteria D) 5550 bacteria 9.

Which of the following functions is exponential? A) F(x)=a 2 B) C) F(x)=x 3 F(x)=x 2/3 D) F(x)=√x E) F(x)=8 x 10.

For x>0, which of the following is TRUE? A) 3 x > 4 x B) C) D) 9 -x > 8 -x E) 7 x > 5 x 1/6 x > 1/2 x 0.17

x > 0.32