Rachael Hayden Final Project
Google Drive
Everyone in today’s society is constantly using their technology gadgets.
People are receiving more emails every day and it is sometimes hard to keep them
all organized. Since new technology is advancing every moment, Google has come
up with a way to enhance their email application by coming up with the Google
Before Google announced its big launch in April 2012, they were concerned
about their data ownership policies and track record of controlling data. However,
Google seemed to be fine with their average and mainstream customers and that is
why the company decided to introduce Google Drive. Google Drive is known as
software service, where users can safely upload documents, spreadsheets,
presentations or power points (Drive). This service is combined with all the doc
features along with new and improved storage space.
With using the drive, the documents are automatically saved on to the
Google’s servers to prevent any loss of work. These documents can be tagged and
archived for organizational purposes. They can be smuggled through web interface
or by email (Drive). With Google Drive it is supported by internet connections
such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or even the smart phones. With this,
there are built in apps for users to help be more organized, get things done or even
create things that are important to them. People are now able to upload Google
Docs, Excel, or slides onto the drive.
Using Google Drive is a great instrumental tool to help with collecting
people’s files together (Resigner, Don). With these documents, people can now
share, open or edit by multiple users at the same time. When someone makes a
change to a document, other users will not be notified. However, there is an app
for users to be notified with comments or discussions with other shared users.
During a writing session, there is no way to make a change by a particular
editor but once it’s safe than you can help edit their writing or work that they have
safe onto the drive. With the Google Drive suite, people can now use different
applications to help the users perform what they need. When using the Google
Form app (which is located in Google Drive.) it’s a tool to help users to collect
information like a personalized survey or creating quizzes (O’Niell,Mark). There
is also Google Drawing where people are allowed to collaborate on creating,
sharing and editing images or drawings to the drive (Drive).
A lot of people were on the edge of signing up for this new drive that
Google came up with. A great reason why people should use Google Drive is that
the privacy concerns are mostly due to paranoia (Resigner, Don). Google does
want to manage more data but they are afraid that it might be exaggerated. Another
great reason is the amount of free storage that people receive. Google services
allow people to have 5 GB of free data; with this people get to store up their music,
video or documents without paying.
Integration was very important to the Google Company. Google Drive now
uses third party applications as well as their own. The company wanted to make a
key decision before they chose their new cloud storage solution. Now that Google
Drive due enhanced sharing features and accessibility, it’s now very popular when
it comes to business arena. Also with this rapid increase of popularity, it intrigued
students and educational institutions, as well.
Google also wanted to come up with a drive that will help a host of
platforms that includes Mac, Android and even PC (Drive). The company wanted
this drive to be more functionally universal. With the IOS support, their new
platform- agnostic will have data that can be accessed and shared with and by
everyone. With new people using Google Drive they need to know about their
services. Google provides a more ample storage, because they wanted to fulfill the
customer needs. Users can now have up to 5GB with no charge when they upload
documents to their files (Drive). Google Drive also wanted to help users from
sending bulky attachments to collaborate their document from within the platform.
Google users can also have instant availability to upload their pictures or
videos onto their social network. Without Google third party applications, there
would be lesser of storage. The third party providers help support Google services,
by allowing users to share and storage files across multiple platforms. Google
wants the online world to have the ability to transfers data from one service to
This Google Drive is a more convenient way to store user’s files that will be
more secure in the data centers. With this drive, files won’t go missing because it
will be safe when they are uploaded to Google Drive. Even if the user’s technology
device breaks, the files will still be stored safely onto the drive. This drive is for
user’s files to be stored safely because of the one or hundreds of files that people
upload to Google Drive.
Google made sure once a user upload their file, it will automatically be set
private unless the user decides to share with other people. To make sure that people
drives are safe, there are several ways that their Google account is secure. People
must make sure they log off their Google account when they are done using the
computer. Another way to make sure your drive is safe is if you are on a shared or
public computer, then you shouldn’t install the Google account/drive because
others can eventually access into your files.
Google Drive is the new file storage and organizational service that is
provided by Google. Google drive can be searched with web search engines. With
this cloud service, the user can now storage, file and collaborate editing. Home of
the Google Docs, Google Drive is filled with productivity applications that help
users share and upload their documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.
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