Sturry Parish Council
Unkept Graves in Sturry Cemetery
Thursday 12th September 2013
It is the intention of Sturry Parish Council to clear
overgrown vegetation, saplings, brambles and other
general debris from unkept graves in Sturry Cemetery to
improve the general appearance of the area. If you are
the owner of a grave in the cemetery which is currently
overgrown in the way described and you do not wish the
vegetation to be cleared from your plot please contact
Sturry Parish Council no later than 2pm on Friday 28th
September 2013. Please also feel free to get in touch if
you are the owner of a plot and would like clarification as
to what this notice means and whether it will affect you.
Jeremy Bellamy
Clerk to the Parish Council
38 High Street, Sturry, CT2 0BD
01227 710 443
[email protected]
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