2013 Writing Competition
ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to any student registered during the 2012-2013 academic year in one or
more classes at a Metroversity institution.
GENERAL CATEGORIES: This year, there are three general categories: poetry, short fiction, and academic writing.
You may enter ONE work in each category, and it should not exceed 40 pages in length, except for poetry (up to 3
poems). Prose entries must not exceed 40 pages in length. Students may submit to multiple categories.
THEMED CATEGORY: This year’s competition has a themed creative nonfiction category. Entries should address
the following topic(s): Communities of Education. You may enter ONE work in this category, and it should not
exceed 40 pages in length.
INTERNATIONAL CATEGORY: This category will honor the words and experiences of people who have come to our
community from all over the world. This category is open only to undergraduate students whose native language
is NOT English. The writing may be in any form—poetry or prose—and must be in English. Send two pieces
GUIDELINES: Entries must be unpublished, but they may be entered simultaneously in other competitions.
Manuscripts must be typed, double spaced (poetry may be single spaced). For each entry (a poem is an entry),
include a cover page with the following information: your name, phone number, email address, mailing address,
the Metroversity institution you attend, the category for your submission (include graduate or undergraduate),
and the title of the submission. Your name must not appear anywhere on the document beyond the cover page;
however, the title of the work must be on each page. Manuscripts will not be returned. Entries that do not
follow the guidelines will be disqualified.
DEADLINES AND JUDGING: Submit your entry to [email protected]; the deadline is January 31st. All submissions
must be submitted electronically. Entries are accepted only in Microsoft Word. The judges will be published
writers outside the Metroversity.
RECOGNITION OF WINNERS: In each general category, prizes of $200 (first place) and $100 (second place) will be
awarded in the undergraduate and graduate divisions. Prizes of $200 (first place), $100 (second place), and $50
(third place) will be awarded in the international division. Winners will be notified by email and honored at an
awards ceremony and public reading in April. (For a list of winners, you can email the competition coordinators
after mid-April.)
James Leary
Jefferson Community and Technical College
109 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202
[email protected]
The address for your campus coordinator
[email protected]

2013 Metroversity Writing Contest Information