Donation Policy 1.6.15 - Milton Public Library

Milton Public Library Book Donation Policy
Book Donations
Milton Public Library appreciates the donation of books. We will accept donations with the
understanding that the material will be added to the library only when needed; if not added,
the library has the right to disposal, and may sell, give away, or discard the item(s) at its
discretion. Because of limited space the library is only able to accept up to ONE bag/box of
material (up to 20 items). Exceptions can be made at the discretion of library staff.
The library does not accept:
 Periodicals more than 1 year old
 Reader’s Digest
 Encyclopedias
 Textbooks more than 5 years old
 VHS tapes
 Audiocassettes
 Material that is older than 10 years
 Material that is mildewed, yellow, has a noticeable odor or is otherwise in poor
Monetary Donations
Milton Public Library greatly values the financial support of donors. These contributions allow
us to run programs, purchase furniture and equipment and support the Bookmobile, among
other initiatives. Any cash or checks will be given to our fundraising and volunteer group,
Friends of Milton Public Library. Please make checks payable to The Friends of Milton Public
The Friends of the Library also maintain a “Giving Tree” which displays the names of our larger
donors. For gifts of $100.00 or more donors can have their name inscribed on a small leaf. For
gifts of $250.00 or more donors can have their name inscribed on a large leaf. Please contact
the library for more information.
Policy approved: 1/2015