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SEDIMENTARY ROCKS (SR) --- Think & Check
Determine if the following statements are True or False; If it is False, replace the underlined
word to make it true.
1. _______________________________ Fossils are primarily found in Sedimentary Rocks.
2. _______________________________ There are 3 types of SR, organic, clastic and angular.
3. _______________________________ SR are formed by compaction & heat.
4. _______________________________ Cementation is a process that makes SR.
5. _______________________________ Sediments are often deposited into horizontal layers.
6. _______________________________ Weathering and erosion play a large role in breaking
down rocks into sediments.
7. _______________________________ Granite is a good example of a clastic SR.
8. _______________________________ Seashells that combine to make Limestone is a good
example of an organic SR.
9. _______________________________ Clastic SR can be made up of fragments or pieces of rock.
10. ______________________________ Coal is considered to be a clastic, SR.
Write the letter of the term/phrase that best completes each statement in the spaces provided.
______11. Each of the following could be a sediment, except
a. gravel
b. sand
c. water
d. seashells
______12. Most sedimentary rocks are formed in
a. volcanoes
b. the mantle
c. mountains
d. water
______ 13. One way that sediments become solid rock is when
a. they are mixed with other sediments
b. water mixes with the sediments
c. sand is mixed with the sediments
d. water and air are squeezed
from between sediment layers
______ 14. Sediments in water often become solid rock when
a. air is added to the sediments
b. minerals cement the sediments together
c. sand cements the sediments
d. more sediments are added to the layers
______ 15. Seashells become SR when they are cemented together by
a. calcite
b. sand
c. water
d. limestone
Fill in the blank with the correct word(s) from your notes that completes each sentence.
1. The three types of sedimentary rocks are _____________________, _____________________,
and _____________________.
2. In the chemical formation of SR, ________________________ are dissolved in water and are
3. ________________________ sedimentary rocks form from remains of organisms.
4. In the process of ________________________, fragments are pushed together and water & air
are squeezed out from between the particles.
5. ________________________ form when mud dries up and hardens into rock.
6. ________________________ are the largest sized sediments.
7. In Chemical SR, minerals dissolved in water are deposited when the water __________________.
8. ________________________ is the name of the clastic SR that is made of pebbles & stone.
Skill Challenge --- Read the directions!!!
For each sedimentary rock in the table, decide whether it is clastic or nonclastic. (If it is nonclastic,
that means it is either chemical or organic.) Place a check mark in the correct column. In the last
column of the table, write the word sediment, organic or chemical to identify how the rock formed.
Rock Name
1. Coal
2. Sandstone
3. Rock Salt
4. Shale
5. Coquina
6. Chalk
7. Conglomerate
Forms From