Vocabulary #14 - Rock Cycle

14. Science Vocabulary Words
1-7 – 1-10
Sedimentary Rock - Rock that is formed by cementation and compaction of sediments
and laid down in horizontal layers.
Compaction - deeply buried sediments under pressure because of the weight of
overlying layers. This squashes the grains together more tightly.
Cementation - when new minerals stick the grains together.
Metamorphic Rock-Rock formed by heat and pressure within the Earth.
Igneous rock- Rock formed from cooled magma or lava
Sediments- Bits of rock, soil, sand, shell and the remains of organisms.
Fossil-dead plants and animals trapped in sedimentary rock.
Oil (petroleum)- liquid fossil fuel made from dead marine animals millions of years ago
Natural gas- flammable odorless gas made from dead animals millions of years ago
Coal- solid fossil fuel made from dead plants millions of years ago
Weathering – the breakdown of rocks at the Earth’s surface, by the action of rainwater,
extremes of temperature, and biological activity.
Erosion – the process by which soil and rock particles are moved elsewhere by gravity, or
by a moving transport agent – wind, water or ice.
Deposition – Deposition is the laying down or dropping off of sediment carried by wind,
water, or ice.