The Research Design Basis for Undergraduate
Quantitative Methods Teaching
Are you a methods trainer or a PhD student planning to be a methods trainer? Do your students
find ‘quantitative’ social science hard to follow? Are they put off by numbers?
This is an invitation to anyone interested in improving and widening the use of ‘quantitative’ data by
undergraduates in their social science degrees. Please register an interest in a national capacity-building
initiative supported by the ESRC. To register an initial interest in this programme, and receive invitations to
free catered events in your area, please reply to:
Stephen Gorard – [email protected]
Carole Torgerson – [email protected]
You might be a research methods trainer for undergraduates in any area of social science, or a prospective
methods trainer, perhaps a doctoral researcher interested in a career in academia. You might be a methods
trainer for masters’ students, or you might simply want to integrate ‘quantitative’ data into your substantive
social science teaching. If so, please participate in the free development and training events conducted by
international methods experts, and help shape and share on-line teaching resources. Teaching ‘quantitative’
social science is relatively easy. Come and find out how.
First Networking Event: Friday 13th July 2012
Venue: University of Birmingham, School of Education
Time: 10:00 -3.30
Events will be held over the next two years in Birmingham, Warwick/Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester,
Manchester, Cardiff, York, and Durham. We can also arrange an event at your own institution if you can
promise sufficient interest. Everything is free.
We may also be able to offer suggestions about travel expenses if needed.
The initial project members have backgrounds in sociology, social policy, education, health sciences,
psychology, and economics. But the project is intended for all social scientists – including those working in
business studies, international development, geography, cultural studies, politics, history and criminology.
The project website is at:
Please register your initial interest by replying to:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Registration slip
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I am interested in participating in the events for teaching of quantitative methods: Yes / No
You can send me latest news and information about events on quantitative teaching methods: Yes / No
Postal address:
Professor Stephen Gorard
Room 415
School of Education
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
Tel: 0121 414 4828

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