Breeding Services Offered by OLAR
Cost: $30.00 per initial mating set up/successful litter from one breeding pair*
This includes:
Set up of breeders with enrichment
Weekly monitoring of breeder cage
Separating pregnant female prior to birth
Pup footpad tattoos, if desired, for genotyping as early as 4 days old
Weaning of pups including ear or tail snips and ear tags or other method of identification
o Snips can either be picked up by your lab for genotyping or sent to Transnetyx**
All equipment needed such as tubes, cage labeling, and ear tags
Troubleshooting breeding problems
Transfer of mice from the Breeding Barrier to your standard housing room (with adequate
Euthanasia of breeder mice or unneeded weanlings by request
Detailed record keeping in a database, which includes:
o Pedigree information, line, strain, ear tag number, DOB, sex, coat color, genotype and
DNA log number, animal status tracking, mating records, and the ability to perform
requested queries
o Other information such as parents’ ear tag numbers, genotype(s),
transfer/euthanasia/use/death date(s), and background strain information
o Breeding summaries of your colony emailed weekly
o Breeding colony census emailed monthly
Breeding cages are marked with mating cards, which have information about the mating pair
including ear tag numbers, birth dates, coat color, line, strain, generation, genotype, and mating
number. As pups are weaned and identified, their ear tag numbers, DOB, and breeding
number are recorded on a weanling card.
Rodent breeding information and resources
General training on mouse breeding colony management
*If a request is made to mate multiple females to one male, each female will get an individual mating number
and be charged a $30.00 mating fee per female. The females will be separated out when they appear pregnant.
Each female will give birth in their own cage, per OLAR policy.
**Genotyping is not included in the fee; however, Transnetyx offers a $25 discount to our breeding clients.
Miscellaneous mouse colony services:
Other manipulation beyond what is described above- $39.89/hr (Vet Tech Time)
Timed Pregnant Mating plug-check- $39.89/hr (Vet Tech Time)
Additional tissue sample taken from ear or tail- $39.89/hr (Vet Tech Time)
Other services as requested
For more information or questions on the breeding services offered please contact
Tracy Haney at [email protected], 303-724-3982 (R2/Breeding Barrier)
or Holly Goold @ [email protected], 303-724-2237 (RC1)

Breeding Services offered at RC1 and R2