Biology-Class 12th - enlighten academy

Section – A
Q1. A baby has been born with a small tail. It is the case exhibiting
(a) Mutation
(b) Atavism (c) Retrogressive evolution (d) Metamorphosis
Q2. What is full form of AIH
(a) Adrenaline injection handle (b) Artificial insemination husband (c) Antiduretic inoculation help (d)
None of these
Q3. Using the same land for farming, forestry as well as animal husbandry will be called:
(a) reserve forestry (b) composite forestry (c) rural forestry (d) agroforestry
Q4. What is the study of pollen grains called?
Q5. The graphical representation of population at various trophic levels in food chain is through:
(a) pyramid of numbers (b) pyramid of energy (c) All the above (d) pyramid of biomass
Q6. Gene transfer in biotechnology can be done by
(a) somatic hybridization (b) microinjection (c) cloning (d) breeding
Q7. D-ribose and 2-deoxy-D-ribose are
(a) hexose sugars (b) nucleic acids (c) vitamins (d) pentose sugars
Q8.Darwin judged the fitness of individual by
(a) Dominance over the other individual (b) Number of offspring (c) Strategy to obtain food (d) Ability to
defend itself
Section – B
Q9. Why are the human testes located outside the abdominal cavity? Name the pouch in which they are present.
Q10. In Snapdragon, a cross between true-breeding red flowered (RR) plants and true-breeding white flowered
(rr) plants showed a progeny of plants with all pink flowers. (a) The appearance of pink flowers is not known
as blending. Why?
(b) What is this phenomenon known as?
Q11. With the help of one example, explain the phenomena of co-dominance and multiple allelism in human
Q12. Write the scientific name of the fruit-fly. Why did Morgan prefer to work with fruit-flies for his
experiments? State any three reasons.
Linkage and crossing-over of genes are alternatives of each other. Justify with the help of an example.
Section - C
Q13. Make a list of any three outbreeding devices that flowering plants have developed and explain how they
help to encourage cross-pollination.
Why angiosperm anthers are called dithecous? Describe the structure of its microsporangium.
Q14. Why is pedigree analysis done in the study of human genetics? State the conclusions that can be drawn
from it.
State the function of a reservoir in a nutrient cycle. Explain the simplified model of carbon cycle in nature
Section – D
Q15. A son persuades his father to replace his old mobile phone with the latest model launched in the market.
He also shares the latest features it has and explains how it can be of a help to him in the modern technological
world. Father is reluctant in buying a new one and tries to explain about its environmental impact. How do you
think, the biologist father has tried to convince his son? Justify the arguments of father and son both, by
mentioning positive aspects of the behavior displayed by both of them in the situation concerned (three each).
Q16. A doctor prescribed morphine as a sedative and pain killer to your cousin who has undergone surgery.
Even after recovery he continued to consume the prescribed medicine. What do you conclude about his
condition? After appraising yourself, what measures will you suggest to him to control this problem? Briefly
explain any two.