Job Title:
Associate Professor (Research)
£47328 to £54841 per annum together with USS benefits
The normal expectation is that the successful applicant will be appointed to the
minimum of the agreed scale with annual increments on 1 October each year
(subject to completing six months service).
Purpose of
the Post
To deliver its top 20 ambition Swansea University is seeking to appoint a
Associate Professor with excellence in research in the College of……….
This job provides a role for a candidate with extensive academic experience and
an established national and / or international reputation or its equivalent in terms
of reach, significance and impact in …………………………
The appointee will be expected to expand their own research activities and be
capable of linking with existing research areas and research teams in the School.
They will also need to sustain and develop their own portfolio of funded projects,
as well as maintain fruitful interactions and collaborations with industry and
others. The appointee will seek to operate at an international level and publish
research in the respected journals.
The job also requires a contribution to teaching and graduate supervision across
the College in addition to college management responsibilities.
The academic career profiles are attached and these provide indicative performance
levels for all academic staff at Swansea University and these criterion will be used in
the recruitment process Where there are numeric indicators these will be considered
in light of the stage of career, hours of work and other commitments . This may be
personal circumstances or work related activities outside of academia such as in
industry or a clinical setting.
Main Duties
1. Research (Enhanced)
a) Research Outputs and Activity
Playing an active and significant role in the strategic direction and
development of the research area, with a a sustained track record of research
outputs and their dissemination in high quality publications or other media
showing a continuing upward trajectory in the quality of research output.
b) Research Projects and Grants
Continuing success in obtaining significant research funding or other resources
to underpin research with responsibility for developing and leading a major
programme of individual or collaborative research.
c) Esteem
Externally recognised as an established authority within the discipline,
contributing to the wider academic or professional community
d) Postgraduate Research Student Supervision and Development
Ensuring a sustained record of PhD supervision and completion.
2. Teaching (core)
a) Teaching Delivery and Review
 Contributing to courses within the taught portfolio, reviewing and
updating own course materials and delivered sessions using the
most appropriate mode of delivery.
 Ensuring that L&T policy and procedures are adhered to.
 Development and delivery of teaching to the appropriate
 Taking responsibility for the assessment and quality assurance of
components of the taught portfolio, within the academic unit.
 Taking part in course/module and programme development
b) Teaching Innovation Outcome and Impact
 Demonstrating awareness of current research and knowledge in
the field and integrating this into teaching by developing practice
in the light of this activity
 Innovating or improving practice
Professional recognition
Undertaking and Completing a professional teaching qualification.
Responsibility for planning and managing own teaching, workload and
competing priorities, and of having taken action to ensure that overall
timescales are met.
d) Advancing and Applying Practice
Responsibility for advancing personal teaching practice
3. Management (core)
a) Contributing to College Activities
Taking an active part in formulating College decisions and
contributing to activities beyond the immediate research,
teaching or scholarship commitments.
b) Participating in Professional Activities
Engaging with professional activities related to the discipline
through networking at conferences or involvement in external
c) Managing Self and Others
Planning, prioritising and progressing own work to achieve own
objectives and support others in achieving theirs.
1. The University has adopted a position where quality assurance
procedures are integrated throughout all its activities and all staff
must conform to these procedures
2. Members of staff are encouraged to maintain and enhance links with
the professional institutions. Engaging with other academics in the
field, through networking at conferences, involvement in formal
groups, or participation in professional activity.
3. The development of industry/university partnerships and new
research projects is an important part of the role.
4. Managing personal administrative tasks related to own
work. Planning, prioritising and progressing own work, to fit the
achievement of own priorities around the requirements of others.
5. To fully engage with the University’s Performance Enabling and
Welsh Language policies
6. To promote equality and diversity in working practices and maintain
positive working relationships
7. To conduct the job role and all activities in accordance with safety,
health and sustainability policies and management systems, in order
to reduce risks and impacts arising from the work activity
Specification Essential Criteria
1) A Higher Degree in .............
2) One 4* publication in a 5 year period plus at least three 3* outputs or a
contribution to a 4* REF 2014 impact case study or leading an impact case study
towards REF plus four 3* outputs
3) PI of a research grant, project or equivalent in the last 5 years. The award should
be of the value of the Median band for the discipline. See table at Appendix A(See
table at appendix A and insert range here)
4) Evidence of a record of sustained conference participation that equates to
attending one conference with national or international reach each year as an
invited speaker
5) Successful completion of PGR students as first supervisor. Numbers in
accordance with the band for the Median for the discipline - See table at
appendix A and insert number here
6) Demonstrate the specialist knowledge required in …………… develop
teaching programmes and the provision of learning support
7) Please provide examples to demonstrate evidence of evaluated teaching
innovation in the last 3 years
8) Evidence of successful teaching or supervising students, evidencing the
ability to achieve high quality Module Feedback Scores as expected of a
Associate Professor in Swansea
9) Please provide 4 examples to evidence of the management skills to play an
active part in formulating College decisions and contributing to activities
beyond the immediate commitments
10) Subject specific criteria
Desirable Criteria
11) Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) or equivalent in terms
of impact and esteem

Associate Professor Grade 10 - Research (Oct 15)