29 mm
paper edge)
2 International Conference on Creative Technology
20-22 August 2014, Thailand
Times New Roman # 14
Manuscript Preparation Guideline for Papers Submitted to CreTech2014
Wuttiwat Kongrattanaprasert 1 Nopparat Paivimut 2 and Pramote Anunvarapong 1
Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep
Department of Computer, Faculty of Science and Technology,
Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep
Tel. 02-287-9600 Ext. 1177, E-Mail: [email protected] )Tel. and E-mail of corresponding author)
Keywords: Submission procedure, manuscript format, font size, font style, blank line
Times New Roman # 11 Bold
Your manuscript will appear in A4 size
photocopy exactly the same as it is received.
Please follow the guideline explicitly. English
paper should begin with English abstract. No
Thai abstract is required. The abstract should
include a concise statement of novel material
and important results.
affiliation also in upper and lower case letters
centered under the title. In case of multiauthorship, identify each author by superscript
number corresponding to the organization which
should be grouped below the author.
2.3 Headings and Subheadings
Headings and subheadings are in upper and
lower case bold letters without underlining, if
Keywords: Submission procedure, manuscript
applicable. They should appear with sequential
format, font size, font style, blank line 6 mm numbers, left-hand justified in the column.
81 mm
21 mm 1. General Information
Contributed paper is limited to 4 pages
including figures and tables. Invited paper has an
8 pages limit. Each manuscript typically contains
the following sections: Title, author’s name (no
academic position is required), address in details
(give phone number and e-mail, if available),
abstract, text, acknowledgment (if preferred), and
2. Style and Format
2.1 General
Manuscript is typed single space except for
the heading. Font type should be Times New
Roman #10. Right-hand justification is
Type your manuscript on A4 (21 cm  29.7
cm) paper. The manuscript must also be in the
correct two-column width as shown in this paper.
The paper should be divided into two-columns of
81 mm wide, with a space between columns of 6
mm (a total width of each 168 mm). This permits
side margin of 21 mm each. The top and bottom
margins should be 29 mm each.
2.2 Title Block
The title should appear in upper and lower
case letters without underlining, centered across
both columns. Type the author’s name and
2.4 Equations
consecutively throughout the text. Each equation
number should be placed in parenthesis and
flushed with the right-hand margin of the column.
Italic alphabets are recommended for equation
ab  c
81 mm
Leave a blank line before and after
equations. A long equation should appear across
the columns by interrupting the opposite column
with column-termination and column-initiation
3. References
Heading of the reference section must not
be numbered. All reference items must be in 10
pt font. Please use regular and italic styles to
distinguish different fields as shown in the
reference section. Number the reference items
consecutively in square brackets (e.g. [1]).
When referring to a reference item, please
simply use the reference number, as in [2]. Do
not use “Ref. [3]” or “Reference [3]” except at the
beginning of a sentence, e.g. “Reference [3]
shows …”. Multiple references can be referred
by separate brackets (e.g. [2], [3], [6-8]).
21 mm
2nd International Conference on Creative Technology
20-22 August 2014, Thailand
4. Illustrations
Figures and tables must be centered in the
column. Large figures and tables may span across
both columns. Any table or figure that takes up
more than 1 column width must be positioned
either at the top or at the bottom of the page.
Figures must be black ink with the solid lines.
Different markers on the lines may be required in
the case of several lines located in the same graph.
Figure captions must be used in the form
“ Fig. 1” and numbered using Arabic numerals.
Figure captions must be in 9 pt regular font.
Captions of a single line must be centered
whereas multi-line captions must be justified.
Captions with figure numbers must be placed
after their associated figures.
Tables must be numbered using uppercase
Roman numerals. Table captions must be centred
and in 8 pt regular font with small caps. Every
word in a table caption must be capitalized except
for short minor words. Captions with table
numbers must be placed before their associated
5. Conclusion
Your paper should be carefully checked.
6. Acknowledgment
Thank you for your cooperation.
[1] W. Kongrattanaprasert, H. Nomura, T.
Kamakura, and K. Ueda, “Detection of Road
Surface Conditions using Tire noise from
vehicles,” IEEJ Transactions on Industry
Applications, Vol.129, No.7 2009, pp.761767.
[2] W. Kongrattanaprasert, H. Nomura, T.
Kamakura, and K. Ueda, “Wavelet-based
neural networks applied to automatic
detection of road surface conditions using
tire noise from vehicles,” The Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America, ASA157th,
Vol.125 No.4, pp.2730, 2009.
[3] W. Kongrattanaprasert, H. Nomura, T.
Kamakura, and K. Ueda, “Automatic
Detection of Road Surface States from Tire
Noise Using Neural Network Analysis,”
Proceeding of 20th International Congress on
Acoustics, ICA2010, 2010.

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