Human Anatomy Paper Model

Human Anatomy Paper Model
You will be graded based upon the quality of your workmanship and construction. Accurate and careful colorcoding will also be a factor. You may wish to assemble the skeleton alone, however, each system you add will
increase the number of points possible (e.g. digestive, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular).
1) Print out the following pictures on heavy-weight paper (card stock). If card stock is not available, you may
wish to print these pages out on regular paper and then glue it on to heavy paper.
2) Cut out each shape carefully. Cut outside the thick black lines. It is not necessary to cut out each individual
rib on the rib cage or each protrusion on the vertebral column. Do cut around each toe and finger.
3) Lay out all the bones in the correct arrangement. Decide what to color code each piece. No two pieces next
to each other should be colored alike. You will want to color the tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges differently.
Do the same with the bones of the wrists and hands as well as the bones of the lower arms and legs. Color the
mandible differently from the skull.
4) After each bone is colored, fit the pieces together using tape.
5) For additional credit, add the organs of the remaining systems. These should be placed atop the skeleton in
the following order: Urinary, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive. The front of the rib cage will enclose all
6) Once you have completed your model, practice naming all the bones and organs. You will be expected to
name and point out each when you turn it in.