Creative Brief Guidelines
Mgmt 410/510s
E. West
As the syllabus indicates (p. 3, par. #1, 2, & 3), “these are essays that demonstrate your
knowledge of the readings and course material as you filter your own experience through a
topic”—in this case, Morning Pages and Time Outs.
Some Reminders:
1. Emphasize your own personal experience as it applies to morning pages and time-outs.
2. Although it is fine to discuss your ideas with others, you are to do your own work.
“Anything else will put you at risk in this class.”
3. Think of telling your story: the creative brief should be a narrative that discusses your
experiences with morning pages and time-outs (one or the other or both) and how you
have changed “through a new awareness and understanding” of these concepts.
4. Of course, if you have not changed, you should be discussing that, too. Be sure to check
out the Pressfield reading since that may help you analyze your reluctance to plunge
into these activities. One student wrote: “My first experience with a time-out was a bit
of a challenge.” He then proceeded to describe (with citations) why it had been such
challenge…which he eventually overcame. Another student wrote, “…My timeout
became the life raft to save me from the sinking ship I did not know I was on.” And
another student wrote, “This weekend I went to three plays in as many days, saw a
movie, found a new show to watch, read a book for pleasure and stretched. I walked
for miles.” As you can see, their experiences were quite varied, as yours will be, no
5. Use at least three references from three different authors from our readings. You may,
of course, cite the Bryan book more than once as long as you use at least two other
authors from our class. Consider citing Pressfield and Phillips. You may find it helpful to
characterize your activities using ideas from Lazear (W of K). You are also welcome to
use any ideas from Kelley, Brown, and Neck if they help to describe your experiences.
6. Those of you who are Mgmt 445 veterans are certainly free to use any ideas from
Bridges. However, be sure to use at least three different author references from our
class first. Of course, I will be impressed if you find it helpful to use ideas from Bridges.
Bridges will also be impressed, of that I am certain.
7. Be sure to include the author and page number in parentheses from the readings for
both direct quotes and paraphrases.
8. Your brief should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, well organized around a clear theme
that should be stated in the title.
9. It should be thoroughly proofread and edited.
10. You may also wish to use subtitles if appropriate. They are always helpful.
11. Please use first person (I).
12. It will be due at the first of our class this Thursday, July 16. In the past, these essays
have been most inspiring to read. I am sure our class will be no different.
13. And, finally, remember that there are probably as many right ways to do this assignment
as there are students in our class. But in all cases, your essay will be a reflection of who
you are and how you are experiencing your morning pages and time-outs.
14. So…good luck!!
15. Questions? Please send them my way.

Creative Brief Guidelines