University of Pittsburgh
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
PInCh 2015: Project Facilitation Phase
Please bring your completed PInCh Project Checklist to the Open House.
1. Open House Informational Session – PInCh Projects: Navigating the Process. July 29th
Representatives from offices across campus will be available to answer questions you
may have about moving your project forward. This session is designed to help you
prepare for any administrative (regulatory, IP, contracts, budget, etc) hurdles that you
may encounter as you move forward with your project. Please feel free to bring all of
your team members including any collaborators external to Pitt.
List of Participating Departments/Organizations
2. Office for Investigator-Sponsored IND
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
and IDE Support (O3IS)
Institutional Animal Care and Use
4. 4th River Solutions – Non-profit, studentCommittee (IACUC)
led consulting
Office of Technology Management
6. Office of General Counsel (OGC)
(OTM) and Innovation Institute
Conflict of Interest Office (COI)
8. Genomics Research Core
10. EngagePittTM - Institutional
Office of Research (OOR)
Advancement & CTSI Crowdfunding
Clinical and Translational Science
12. CTSI – Research Facilitators
Institute (CTSI) finance division
Computing Services and Systems
Development (CSSD) - Data Security
14. Purchasing Services
2. Contestants must submit Invention Disclosure by August 3rd in order to proceed. We will
confirm submission with the Innovation Institute. If you think an invention disclosure is
unnecessary, please contact one of CTSIs project manager (see contact list below).
3. Team meetings with CTSI project management team: All teams should bring a copy
of the PInCh Project Checklist (attached) to this meeting. Sandy Copeland from
CTSI will reach out to each team to schedule an ~1hr meeting to discuss items on the
checklist including IRB/IACUC, IP status, contracts, budget, conflict of interest, data
security, etc. This meeting is to provide feedback from round 1 judges and to help teams
refine their project plan for a more robust proposal in round 2. Meetings will be
scheduled to occur between August 3rd – August 23rd.
4. Mark your calendars! Business Basics and Stakeholder Analysis Courses. These
courses are designed to provide researchers with a brief overview of business concepts
and stakeholder viewpoints that will inform your submissions for round 2 of the PInCh
competition. August 18th 2-3:30pm Alumni Hall room 531. Please RSVP here.
University of Pittsburgh
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
5. Teams submit Project Package which includes the 3 page project description,
references (optional), budget and budget justification. Due August 24th.
6. The project package will be reviewed by a business/technical advisory board at which
time, teams will be provided with a 1 page summary of recommendations from the
board. Teams will receive the summary of recommendations by October 2nd.
7. Finalists will be announced on October 19th.
8. Finalists submit a one page response to advisory board and revised project package.
Due November 2nd.
9. Final Event: Finalists are invited to pitch their idea to a panel of judges to compete for
several awards of approximately $100,000. Additional teams may be invited to present
their idea as a poster to compete for smaller awards. Evening of November 11th.
10. Winners will be announced at the November 11th event.
CTSI Project Management Team Contacts:
Patti Chioda
Nicole Edgar, PhD
Pat Karausky RN, BSN, CCRC
Phil Cicco, MSPPM
Ryan Dunning
Financial Administrator, CTSI
Innovation Project Manager CTSI
Research Facilitator, CTSI
Data Manager, CTSI
Administrative Support Coordinator , CTSI
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Clinical and Translational Science Institute PInCh 2015: Project